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Dear Friend of SKYWATCHERS;

We are writing to you regarding a most complex and disturbing issue, that of "Contrails and Chemtrails."

SKYWATCHERS is a grass roots community, non-profit organization currently based in Santa Fe, NM. Since March of 1999, we have been investigating a recently observed aerial phenomenon called "Chemtrails". These broad, white plumes appear to be an actual spray released from aircraft flying at various altitudes which may contain one or more chemical toxins, microorganisms and other bio-hazard material that seems to be negatively impacting peoples health. Chemtrails are distinguished from normal contrails, which are condensed water droplets that sometimes form pencil-thin streams of ice crystals in the wake of high-flying aircraft. Chemtrails have been observed all over the US and Canada, as well as England, Germany and Australia.

We thank you all for your interest and support to date. Now it is time to take our activities and action to the next level. We are now organizing an official membership group globally to participate in a variety of ways. We are requesting financial support to carry on, although that is not a prerequisite to join with us!

We have accomplished much with your help! We have developed a very comprehensive "SUMMARY OF MISSION - INFORMATION STATEMENT" that explains who we are and what we do. This will be mailed or e-mailed to you free, upon your request. Some of our specific accomplishments to date, include:

1. The amassing of substantial and credible evidence, including photographs, supporting the contention of many observers, that spraying is real and continues over this country, as well as in other locations.
2. The substantial raising of public awareness about this controversy with the ongoing SKYWATCHERS "Look Up" campaign.
3. The establishment and maintenance of a website that serves as a clearing house for photographs, information, reporting, public discussion, petition signature and cross-linking to other relevant websites:
4. We co-produced, "CHEMTRAILS OVER AMERICA: WHAT'S WRONG WITH OUR SKIES?" a Santa Fe multi-media event, featuring lead investigative reporter, William Thomas, and assisted in a similar event in Aspen and Denver, Colorado.
5. We developed a comprehensive health survey for individuals and practitioners to report on symptoms and health problems correlated with sprayings.
6. We have established a direct reporting system with the New Mexico Attorney General's Office and the New Mexico Environment Department whereby concerned people in New Mexico can report Chemtrail activity and illness symptoms to those offices.
7. We have presented U.S. Representative Tom Udall with a briefing package, requesting him to initiate a much more in depth investigation of what is going on and to have this reported back to the people of New Mexico and elsewhere.

The membership drive, beginning with this letter to you, will enable us to:

1. Organize on a national level: Our plan is to create an expanded "core group" of supporters.
2. Develop comprehensive media and information packages to periodically distribute to key people and media organizations.
3. Assist an understaffed and underfunded non-profit organization to operate more effectively.

We are requesting membership funds to cover the following partial list of expenses and activities (a complete list of expenses and activities is available upon request):

1. Preparation and mailing of a periodic newsletter (quarterly at first, then possibly monthly), including postage and mailing costs.
2. Media and information distribution and exposure.
3. Supporting other researchers, journalists and organizations actively researching this issue.
4. To prepare educational materials and make professional presentations to appropriate officials and individuals who can implement investigations and conduct further research.
5. To expand the outreach and distribution of SKYWATCHERS individual and practitioner health surveys to other communities.
6. To create other SKYWATCHERS chapters and reporting groups, using the current (and refined models) of activity and mission.

We are at a crucial point for organizing a consolidated national voice and demanding full disclosure, an explanation and accountability for what is really going on! You can help by becoming a SKYWATCHERS member. To participate select below.

___ Regular Member - includes our newsletter and any interim urgent reports. $19.
(email preferred - it reduces our cost. ___ email ___ snail mail - choose one)
___ Grants & Donations - anything above $19 includes the above mailings.
___ Member - Can't afford the fee right now. Keep up your good work.

Comments or feedback:

Please make check or money order payable to: SKYWATCHERS. Complete the information below and mail to: SKYWATCHERS PO Box 23317 Santa Fe NM 87505. This letter can be printed and mailed. Please help to disseminate this letter. Thank you.

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Thank You! Membership names and list are held confidential for SKYWATCHERS only.