After returning from the summer journey, work began in the lab again. While traveling, the greatest focus was on the Carnicom Legacy Project. Redacting and indexing a portion of the lab notes from the last twenty years was a large part of the summer’s accomplishments. This work will continue for quite some time. Another summer project was acquiring animation software that will allow presentation of some of the work of CI and research papers in a more interactive sort of way.


The Horror of Our Times (otherwise known as Morgellons)




Anonymous Environmental Journalist






Long-term benefits for the public are being developed through the Carnicom Institute Legacy Project (CILP). The Carnicom Institute Legacy Project and the WikiCI.org site have been created to preserve, protect, and distribute the extensive body of work and ongoing research conducted by CI at an international level. Our goal is to provide full access to the entire body of work of CI, including a voluminous set of hand-written laboratory notebooks, in a manner that is freely accessible. Planning for the CI Legacy project continues, including the longer term transition from an innovation research organization to a broader educational organization that sponsors and promotes more controlled and sophisticated research to take place in future years. Carnicom Institute encourages you to use and share this information for the benefit of all. You may stay abreast of changes in the Legacy Project by checking into www.carnicominstitute.org.









A Toxicology Study
Clifford E Carnicom
Dec 09 2018


This paper demonstrates the impact that the microbiology of the Morgellons condition, as determined by CI research, is likely to have upon life. The videos included show that there are serious toxic and mortality effects upon a protozoan culture chosen for a first trial. The paramecium here were subjected to a protein solution that originates from this very same microbiology, i.e., that which is know to be causal to the Morgellons condition. Carnicom Institute continues to emphasize that serious and elevated resources are now required to address the serious issues disclosed by this research.


A Toxicology Study




Another Marker for Examination

Clifford E Carnicom
Dec 02 2018


This research paper presents a comparison between the microbiology causal to the Morgellons condition with a human sputum sample. There is a profound equivalency between the two. Once again, the severity of the health issues before us is brought to the fore in a stark and direct fashion. There are chronic health conditions that are now much more easily understood and interpreted from the results of this poignant study.

This representative research by CI demonstrates the imperative to escalate the support and resources for continued research at a much higher level; serious and unreasonable constraints continue to exist at this time.


Another Marker for Examination






CI continues to put forward and advance potentially helpful and significant health improvement strategies. The value of this work can only be realized with the direct involvement of the health professional community in the Morgellons issue. The Community Health Professional Network (CHPN) exists as one innovative and ambitious project to solicit this involvement. Plans are to increase promotion of the CHPN. There has already been some progress in the attraction of health professionals who are aware of the significance of the Morgellons condition. With the proper support, there is no reason whatsoever that clinical trials cannot begin now.







Carnicom Institute is reaching out to professional support for fund-raising assistance and for promoting awareness of the mission and goals of CI. We expect to begin reaching a wider audience in the upcoming months. Fundraising will become more broad-based and hopefully more constructive to the many needs of CI. Please take a look at the SUPPORT button at the lower right of any of our web pages to see the changes underway.


There are difficulties and challenges in the allocation of time and effort between multiple serious needs that are currently being handled by Clifford alone: active research, CI Legacy note preparation, CHPN development, and longer-term planning for CI. Each of these areas is a full-time vocation in itself. A broad-based fund-raising effort could enable some of this work to be shared by volunteers and paid assistants, as well as acquiring additional lab equipment and the maintenance of both the lab and the mobile study facility.





An update as to how donations are being used: We are pleased to note that the infrared spectrometer, a highly important and prized instrument used on thousands of trials and sample analysis, was repaired and is back at work in the lab. A new microscope with advanced digital and phrase contrast capabilities has been acquired, as well as modern smaller and portable instruments that allow research to continue even when we travel.

A tremendous advancement in instrumentation has recently been put in place due to Mr. Gary Sundby, a long-time colleague of the Institute. Gary has restored an abandoned and neglected osmometer to a fully working condition. This osmometer, in its original condition, is a costly instrument and Gary has succeeded at an absolute fraction of this cost. An osmometer is an instrument that can be used in several important ways; the current projects are devoted toward the determination of (with certain specific knowledge) molecular weights of proteins. The molecular weight of a protein is a critical and defining feature of its nature. The particular proteins under examination here are those that are derived, once again, from the microbiology causal to the Morgellons condition. This instrument has been a sought after resource by the Institute for many years. The highest kudos are expressed to Gary for his wonderful accomplishments here!

CI aspires to gain compact Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) capability. NMR is the next level of instrumentation that allows for structural molecular determinations; although very helpful, infrared spectroscopy does have significant limitations with regard to molecular details. Molecular structure determination is at the heart of understanding how chemistry affects biology, ours included. A modern introductory benchtop NMR instrument is on the order of $50K.

Along with the ongoing research, IT management of the website and the CI Legacy Project are priorities that require funding. In addition, there is a need for repair and maintenance of laboratory equipment, as well as basic upkeep of the lab itself. Our thanks to donors whose contributions serve the current and future generations.

We ask you to consider a donation to CI, either with a one-time donation or by becoming a subscription donor. Carnicom Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Please communicate the importance of the work of CI to your friends and peers to help us increase our subscriber base.






We at Carnicom Institute thank you for your interest in and your support of the work of CI relating to the environmental and health issues of our times. We wish you the best of health and a return to true blue skies and rain where it is needed.




Clifford Carnicom, President

Carol Carnicom, Vice-President

KR Tejeda, Associate Director & Webmaster


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