January-March 2019



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We invite you to read the January-March 2019 newsletter, now posted on the CI website, to see the most recent news and activities of Carnicom Institute.


Carnicom Institute Newsletter January-March 2019

Direct Link:   https://carnicominstitute.org/wp/carnicom-institute-newsletter-april-2019/


A significant development is that Carnicom Institute is now seeking to establish a non-profit educational Foundation: Carnicom Foundation. Carnicom Foundation will carry the legacy of Carnicom Institute research forward. Please click on the newsletter link to see details of the funding campaigns that have been established to initiate the creation of the Carnicom Foundation.



Also, within the newsletter, Carnicom Institute is announcing and inviting you to attend an event of interest to those concerned about the environment. Clifford and researcher Elana Freeland will be speaking in Santa Fe, New Mexico, April 27 & 28, 2019:





Due to the censorship, propaganda, and surveillance by both Google and Facebook, Carnicom Institute is departing in protest from these platforms to alternative venues that openly advocate free expression and disclosure of information. This change is announced in the newsletter.


We thank you for your your support of Carnicom Institute and we appreciate all that you do to increase awareness of the important work being done.



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