CARNICOM INSTITUTE LEGACY PROJECTA Release of Internal Original Research Documents Authored by Cliord E CarnicomPresident, Carnicom InstuteLaboratory Notes Series: Volume 21Sep 2017 – Dec 2017www.carnicominstute.orgwww.wikici.orgCarnicom Instute is a non-prot organizaon, 501(c)(3), workingsolely for the benet of humanity and the public interest. Ourgoal is to provide the public with benecial and responsibleinformaon concerning human health and the environment. TheInstute is extensively acve in conducng scienc research andpublic educaon relang to the consequences of geoengineeringand bioengineering. Thank you for your support of CarnicomInstute.Carnicom Instute does not advocate any proprietary products, protocols, or therapies. Our purpose is to provide informaon and educaon to the public. The Instute is not a clinic and does not perform any medical diagnosis, medical treatment, or prescripon of therapy. All studies conducted by the Instute are for research purposes. Any health related comments in this paper are solely for informaonal purposes and each individual must work with their own health professional to establish any appropriate course of acon