CARNICOM INSTITUTE LEGACY PROJECTA Release of Internal Original Research DocumentsAuthoredbyClifford E CarnicomPresident, Carnicom InstituteLaboratory Notes Series: Volume 23Jun 2018 – Dec 2018www.carnicominstitute.orgCarnicom Institute is a non-profit organization, 501(c)(3), workingsolely for the benefit of humanity and the public interest. Ourgoal is to provide the public with beneficial and responsibleinformation concerning human health and the environment. TheInstitute is extensively active in conducting scientific research andpublic education relating to the consequences of geoengineeringand bioengineering. Thank you for your support of CarnicomInstitute.Carnicom Institute does not advocate any proprietary products, protocols, or therapies. Ourpurpose is to provide information and education to the public. The Institute is not a clinic anddoes not perform any medical diagnosis, medical treatment, or prescription of therapy. Allstudies conducted by the Institute are for research purposes. Any health related comments inthis paper are solely for informational purposes and each individual must work with their ownhealth professional to establish any appropriate course of action