Clifford’s recent work continues to be focused on the development of laboratory methods of gas chromatography, pyrolysis, elemental analysis, combustion analysis, protein analysis, ultra-violet spectral analysis, HEPA filter analysis, and DNA extraction. The work is involved and complex, and it involves a strong interaction between health and environmental issues. Innumerable hours in the laboratory are being devoted in the depth of the research. This work has a critical role in furthering the research into the Morgellons organism, health in general, and the environment.

 Clifford investigating a thiocyanate topic


Benefits for the public are being further developed through the Carnicom Institute Legacy Project (CILP). The Carnicom Institute Legacy Project and the site have been created to preserve, protect, and distribute the extensive body of work and ongoing research conducted by CI. Steady progress is being made on the conversion of a voluminous set of hand-written laboratory notebooks into digital form. Our goal is to distribute the body of work represented by Carnicom Institute at an international level in a manner that is as compatible, secure, and reliable as possible. Carnicom Institute encourages you to freely mirror this information on various sites and servers across the world. There is information on the site describing how to do this, if are you interested in participating.


Many aspects of the Carnicom Institute research are presented in an interesting and informative manner in the documentary, Cloud Cover:


The original and more comprehensive documentary, Aerosol Crimes, can also be found on Youtube:


There is a chapter on Carnicom Institute from Hacking the Skies – Geoengineers and Their Media Gate Keepers, by Hudson Ynez. We encourage everyone concerned about the environment to take a look at the information presented in this well-researched book.


The menu structure of the Carnicom Institute website has been updated to reflect the more current status and categories of work. Navigation of the central offerings will hopefully be easier for everyone. You may keep abreast of Clifford’s most recent research and the activities of CI on our website:


Several research papers have been written in the last three months, listed below for your convenience.

Morgellons: Unique Protein Isolated & Characterized


A Point of Reckoning: Part I


Environmental Filament Project: Metals Testing Laboratory Report


A Point of Reckoning: Part II


Mustard Seed Germination: Initial Report


Yeast Deformation: Initial Report


Mustard Seed Report: Growth Terminated


Protozoa Motility and Mortality


Bean Growth Report


A Point of Reckoning – Part III


Global Validation: (the spider web problem…)


Carnicom Institute is in direct need of high priority items totaling $2,800. This includes maintenance and repair of the infrared spectrometer, restoration of an osmometer, and website hosting fees for the upcoming year. The infrared spectrometer is a highly important and prized instrument, which has been used on thousands of trials and sample analyses. The infrared spectrometer is now out of commision without replacing a very small but importatn part; it also needs general servicing and calibration. The osmometer will be a new introduction to the laboratory to determine concentrations of numerous unknowns. The website does not exist, of course, without a nominal level of support.

Our work is not be possible without the generosity of donors. With the support of donors, CI has been able to acquire some of the needed lab equipment to pursue the environmental and health research related to bioengineering and geoengineering. Along with the ongoing research, IT management of the website and the preservation of handwritten research notes are priorities that require funding. In addition, there is an immediate need for repair and maintenance of laboratory equipment. We ask you to consider a donation to CI, either as a one-time donation or by becoming a subscription donor. Please, also, communicate the importance of the work of CI to your friends and peers to help us increase our subscriber base. The contribution of our donors serves the current and future generations. We thank you for your support.


Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season,

Clifford and Carol

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