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POSTED: October 11, 1999 6:45am EST

Christian Intelligence Advisory Exclusive

Aerosols, JFK, Jr. Activist Reports Extensive Harassment,
Possible Attempt on Life

by Andrew Amirault
October 11, 1999

BOSTON, MA–Andrew Carbone, Jr., 35, of Middleboro, Massachusetts,
claims he has been repeatedly and intensely harassed since beginning to seek
answers from federal authorities regarding the “chemtrails” phenomenon, and
after providing a videotape, related to the JFK. Jr. death, to a local TV

Suffering break-ins, surveillance, phone and computer harassment and a
possible attempt on his family’s life, Carbone suspects this harassment
is occurring at the hands of the federal government.

In March of this year Carbone began speaking out on the aerial spraying
which has been reported nationwide since Winter, 1998. Among those he
has contacted are the Lakeville, MA offices of the FBI and the Department of
Environmental Protection, the Boston office of the EPA, the Mass Port
Authority Noise Abatement Office, Otis Air Force base, his local
government and the Boston area media (WLVI, WFXT, WHDH and the Boston Globe).

On July 17, 1999–the day after videotaping the aerial spraying which
produced a massive white cloud cover/haze in the Middleboro
area–Carbone contacted WFXT Fox News’ anchor woman Tory Ryden, as the news media were
calling attention to a “mysterious haze” that reportedly caused the
airplane crash of John F. Kennedy, Jr. Carbone believed he had the origin of the
haze documented on video, and the two met at the WFXT studios in Dedham.
Carbone said Ryden was “very excited” about the tape, and he gave her a copy.

Carbone then contacted John Silvey, a contractor working for the EPA,
with whom he had previously spoken and filed two complaints. Carbone claims
Silvey told him that he and his co-workers were suddenly “being
instructed by [their] superiors to start taking names of people complaining about
the chemtrails,” and that the “list was to be turned over to the FBI.”
Carbone asked Silvey if he would be willing to talk about this with Fox News,
and he replied that he would. Carbone then informed Ryden of this development
on her answering machine, although Ryden never returned the call at that

Shortly thereafter, Carbone and his family began suffering serious
harassment, which has increased in intensity with each week. Among the

–On September 15th, Carbone’s wife Tracy witnessed a strange,
“scraggly, bearded” man going through their garbage, removing papers from it and
putting them into a small bag. Andy Carbone commented, “According to
Tracy, this guy wasn’t at all interested in the electric-powered child’s
4-wheeler we had set out but was looking for papers. And when I returned to the
house from being out that morning, I saw the same man (my wife later
described) driving by my house looking my way. He was dressed like a bum, totally
incongruous for the beautiful, mint black Lincoln Continental he was
driving.” A friend of Carbone has also seen the man and the black
Lincoln in the neighborhood, and Carbone has noted the license plate number, which
has an “Official” sign attached to the plate.

–Carbone believes multiple break-ins have occurred at his residence, as
personal items and files have been tampered with or stolen. Also on
September 15th, Carbone says that when he “came home, my dog (a spaniel
mix, a very smart dog) was cowering in the corner of the house as if recently
beaten. She would not come to me. Finally, hesitantly she came and
sniffed me as if I was a stranger. My dog now barks at every little sound. There
is absolutely no doubt in my mind this dramatic change in her personality
is the result of the break-ins.”

–Carbone has repeatedly been followed while driving, once by a
brand-new Toyota bearing a “Lieutenant” plate. Carbone has photographs of the car
and plate, copies of which have been given to The Christian Intelligence

–Repeated phone and computer harassment and suspected phone taps.

–On Sunday, September 19th, Carbone and his wife and daughter were
almost killed in a freakish high-speed accident on Route 95 in Rhode Island.

Following the accident, Carbone called Ryden back again and asked if Fox
would now be interested in covering the chemtrails story. She reportedly
said that the network was “hesitant to do the story” and that John
Silvey was “unwilling to go on camera about this.” Carbone then told her he
believed his life was in danger. She said that she would “like to send a
reporter with [him] to the state police” but that no reporter was
available that morning. When Carbone then went to the Massachusetts State police,
they would not investigate his claims.

The harassment not only has Carbone deeply shaken and fearing for his
life, he and his wife have also decided to separate. “My life has been turned
completely upside-down by this. This summer has been pure, relentless
hell. It has cost me everything,” he explained. “There is no doubt in my mind
this is all being done by the federal government, who obviously do not want
people to know about the chemtrails and what was going on in our skies
the day JFK, Jr. died.

“Who else would be doing this to me?” END

Copyright 1999 The Christian Intelligence Advisory
by Andrew Amirault