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Four Mechanisms and a Future for Mitigation (or Termination)

Clifford E Carnicom
Mar 14 2024

Carnicom Institute (CI) has devoted a significant effort during recent seasons to seek an increased understanding of the impact of ubiquitous synthetic biology upon the human condition.  This effort was motivated by certain further changes in blood, relative to that of the previous two decades, apparent by the fall of 2022.

At the heart of this xenobiotic, genetically engineered synthetic biology is the existence of the Cross Domain Bacteria (nomenclature, 2014).  Those with minor familiarity of CI research will be familiar with the basis for that claim. It will not be justified further here.

It has been acknowledged within papers over this same period that the influence of the “Covid Era” is inexorably intertwined with this synthetic biology harm upon humans.  It has also been stated, however, that the Covid Era has added an inadequately understood dimension to this same synthetic biology, but it is not the original or primary source of the major problems afoot.  This position may not be popular with some influenced by current themes, but the scientific history and study justify it.  There is a bigger problem that has preceded it for more than 25 years and it is that of synthetic biology imposed upon the human race without consent or knowledge. We now see the impact of combined influence and threat, especially visible within the blood of humans.  This harm extends beyond the blood, and affects the human organism as a whole.

It is now known, as a result of this effort, that at least four major mechanisms of damage to health are inherent within this same synthetic biology, namely the CDB.  There are others as well but this set does lay a proper foundation for our future.  The Covid Era is regarded by CI as an additional layer of egregious compounding harm that to date is inadequately understood and disclosed.

These four mechanisms, each inherent in the CDB synthetic biology alone (i.e, no “vaccine” required) that continue to take a profound toll upon human health and existence are:

1. Foreign protein creation in the human body.

2. Oxidation damage, especially involving iron and the blood.

3. Free radical damage, known to cause numerous harmful chain reactions to human health.

4. The development of a series of foreign polymers within the human body.

(Most of us intuitively know that plastic is bad news)

The visible blood clotting garnering special attention over recent years, apparently of increase during the Covid Era, is one major fallout from the above that is obvious enough to catch our attention.  The synthetic biology has brooded patiently within our general ignorance for a long time now, and the mark has been made.

The good news, as we all would like and need some, is that the above knowledge actually lays the foundation for NUMEROUS, and I do mean numerous, mitigating strategies for reversing the tide of threat to the human race.  In addition, by CI criteria, such strategies must be affordable and accessible to the general population, and generally based upon nutrition principles.  No fancy or expensive drugs or injections from this side of the fence. They are to be based upon scientific knowledge gained from direct study of the problems at hand.

I think that you would agree that it is worth the effort.  As I am somewhat reserved by nature, I would not wish to overstate our prospects, but given human potential, it is not foolish to work on the idea of termination vs. mitigation.  But let us not get ahead of ourselves, we do not deserve it yet.

Maybe it is time to call the

End of the Short Version


But now some ground rules need to be understood.  CI is not a practicing health based organization; it is an independent scientific research organization.  Here is one way to ease the pain, since the statement has been on the CI site for these same decades:


“The Carnicom Institute is a non-profit health and environmental educational and research organization serving the public welfare. We do not advocate any proprietary products, protocols, or therapies. Our purpose is to provide information and education to the public.

The Institute is not a clinic and does not perform any medical diagnosis, medical treatment, or prescription of therapy. All studies conducted by the Institute are for research purposes only.”


In addition, here is another response post from yours truly on a recent research paper to add to the rules:

Clifford, with respect to the last photograph, about which you write: “A current blood sample from Feb 2024. Same individual as in preceding photograph. CI applied research is a factor in this image. Magnification approx. 3200x.”, there is no Rouleaux any longer. The rbc’s look functional and I don’t see any CDB’s in them (at this magnification, they should be visible if present, one would think). What remediation if any explains the improvement? Thanks for your attention.


Carnicom Institute response:

Hi John,

Unfortunately, I cannot give a simple single answer to this question at this time. There are prospects of a more complex answer that develops through this spring. I can say that the body of research in its entirety over the years is relevant, with special emphasis on work over this last year or two. I have goals and plans in place to make all scientific and evidence based information and strategies available to the public as it is fully developed and can be justified from a scientific perspective. CI never has, nor will it ever recommend specific protocols, but strategies based upon study are embedded across the entire history. I realize it takes a lot of work to uncover that information; I have hopes and plans that some summaries will unfold over the spring.

The professional health, nutritional and scientific communities will need to become involved in the completed studies and replicate the work. These same professions are responsible for providing the protocols to the public. Such protocols and strategies can most certainly be developed, and CI research may provide some of these leads. Public health welfare has always been a priority within CI and it remains so. I know the answer is not as desired, but it never has been simple or sweet. With best regards, from Clifford



I am attempting to explain here that there is good reason to be optimistic.  But CI and we must be responsible together about how we go about things. One of the reasons for the existence of CI is to establish scientific knowledge on the hell that has broken loose upon all of us.  The beginning of that sequence is told by Jack Webb in Dragnet days:


Another reason for CI’s existence is indeed to develop and establish strategies subject to the criteria above.  That actually has always been done historically and continues to be in place.  But the starting point always depends upon decent information.  In the case of CI, the vehicle of operation is a modest lab and very serious study, especially with culture work.

It will be of eventual interest that work done two decades ago is very much coming into vogue again.  Certain fundamental principles are in place with written work, and they are not going to be changed.  The information, however, will be augmented with more recent study, especially with regard to polymerization.

Right now the name of the game continues to be to collect the best information possible within the available time to do so.  Mitigation strategies are inevitable in due course if the information is managed responsibly. All mitigation strategies carry risk with them, and CI is not in the health practice and protocol business for good reason.  But CI is in the research and strategy business, and that purpose has been, is, and will be served to the highest level possible.

All in due order, and in truth the work has still only begun.

P.S. In the meantime, if you happen to be in the attorney or lawyer profession and you wish to assist and facilitate the responsible transfer of scientific information and strategy in the public interest with no monetary motive, please send an email to with CIDP in the subject line. Thank you for any interest.

Many thanks,

Clifford E Carnicom
Mar 14 2024

born Clifford Bruce Stewart, Jan 19 1953.