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The Polymerization (Clotting) of Blood : A Model

Clifford E Carnicom
Apr 01 2024


The Polymerization (Clotting) of Blood : A Model


The video in this paper represents a viable model to demonstrate and detail the polymerization process that is taking place in human blood as a consequence of the Cross Domain Bacteria (CDB)      (nomenclature, 2014).  The CDB is a genetically engineered, xenobiotic, synthetic life form that is at the crux of human health demise and threat over the past several decades.  If you are in doubt as to the source and origin of the polymerization discussed here, you have a pardon to skip to the end of the video.

Although blood clotting appears to be visibly and significantly increased as a consequence of the “Covid Era”, the purported “vaccines” are not the origin or primary source of damage to the blood.  The damage to the blood has a known and documented history of more than 25 years, and the processes described in this video have been active over this same time period.  What is now different in the history of this research is the current ability to demonstrate the polymerization process via culture.  The culture work has no direct association with “vaccine” materials, it is dependent solely upon the existence of the CDB.  The CDB have the known ability to produce a series of polymers within the body, not one.

There are additional polymerization mechanisms that exist and that are not discussed here, especially the vulnerability of the double carbon bond to change to single bonds.  Lots more study ahead, I am afraid.

All signs and indications are that the Covid Era has added an additional layer of egregious harm to human health that is more difficult to conceal. It is reasonable to presume that these factors include additional protein/genetic  interactions between between the CDB and the various “vaccines”.  It may involve polymerization as well, but we already have our hands full with a series of polymers produced by the CDB alone, along with known severe damage to blood.  The constitution of the purported “vaccines” remains improperly and inadequately disclosed, and this is likely to remain so.  It is best to work with the origin of a problem first, and then tackle the additional layers as further discovery and disclosure provide.

A critical issue to pay attention to here is the formation and transfer of free radicals within the body.  They are absolutely at the crux of the polymerization chain reactions which take place with them.  It is worthwhile to gain some familiarity with the nature of this problem, and hopefully it is understood that the model is not theoretical at this point.

Significant attention was paid to Fenton’s Reaction (briefly described in the video) in years past by Carnicom Institute.  It was known to likely be important in the microbial (albeit, synthetic) metabolism as far back as 2010.  A quick review of the research history will find it mentioned within the following papers, for example:

1. Morgellons : A Discovery and a Proposal  (Feb 2010)
2. Morgellons Growth Inhibition Confirmed (Mar 2010)
3. A New Form : Frequency Induced Disease (Mar 2011)
[It might be time to establish a renewed interest in this paper-CEC]
4. Morgellons : A Thesis (Oct 2011)
5. Morgellons : The Breaking of Bonds and the Reduction of Iron (Nov 2012)
6. Cross-Domain Bacteria Isolation (May 2014)


I am aware that the term “Morgellons” was managed quite well with the tin foil hat container (as was “geoengineering”), and that you may deem it not worthy of your study.  This is at your own peril.  But you can also be assured that it was another of many successfully managed psychological operations.   Many destroyed lives will let us know this (many now deceased) if we have the courage to seek out that history.  The perspective of many of us has been funneled into a MTV video (remember those?) level understanding of affairs.  I am not out to correct that milieu at this point, but the science will reign supreme if you care to know and understand it.

There are two things different now with regard to the impact of free radicals from that generation of earlier papers.  At the time, two things were not known:

1. The existence of hydrogen peroxide production within cultures under study.
2. The ability to reliably repeat the formation of a series of CBD polymers from culture.

The confirmation of both is now beyond dispute, and they have a major bearing on the matter.  The theoretical framework of Fenton’s Reaction that produces a hydroxyl free radical in the presence of ferrous iron (the type within human blood) and hydrogen peroxide and that oxidizes your blood iron has been transformed into a live event in front of your face.  The production of a series of polymers by the CDB alone (no “vaccine” required) is extensively proven and documented.  Both of these factors are a game changer at this point.

And why is this important?  The hydroxyl radical, and free radicals in general, now occupy front and center stage (there are many other strategies as well) on the road to mitigation (please don’t forget the termination prospect- nothing wrong with setting your sights higher) of the CDB-Covid Era complex and tragedy that we find ourselves in.

Time to get to work, folks..

but then, that has always been the case, hasn’t it?…



Clifford E Carncom
Apr 01 2024


born Clifford Bruce Stewart, Jan 19 1953.