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Vaxxed vs. Unvaxxed : Blood Differences Identified

Clifford E Carnicom
May 23 2024
Edit May 28 2024

A study has been done to compare the blood of individuals that have received a COVID “vaccination” with those that have not.  The results indicate that significant differences exist, and these differences are anticipated and predicted to be additionally harmful to human health.  The combination of “vaccination” impact with that of synthetic biology transformation (CDB, nomenclature, 2014), extensively documented on this site, is especially profound.


A representative segment of a Raman infrared spectrum
of a blood sample combined with a reference spectrum (translated)


The detailed study was conducted with the use of Raman infrared spectroscopy.  Mid infrared spectroscopy is a method of acquiring significant knowledge of the fundamental molecular structure of a sample.

Final differences were determined by comparing the top tier of redundant peaks between the two groups, for a total of 23 peaks regarded as in common.  Of the 23 peaks in the restricted tier examined, 17 peaks are coincident between the two groups and pose no further special consideration.

This paper centers on the six peaks that differ, and the implications of those differences.  These will be discussed in a general fashion only at this time.  Some additional study notes follow at the end of this paper.

Blood is not to be changed; human beings do not command the wisdom of the evolutionary process, nor of nature, nor of the Divine, as you are so inclined.  ANY change in the structure and nature of human blood is to be understood as a threat to our existence.  The warnings are no secret at this point, and they are trumpeted across the globe by those who value life.  Continue to disregard them at your own peril.

Specifically, here are the additional warnings to be given in this paper.  These represent the deviations in blood samples from Covid “vaccinated” individuals in comparison to those that have not received such:

The Short List:

1.An unexpected or altered metallic-nitrogen (iron likely) bond exists within hemoglobin. Not expected within one sample set only.  Alternative interpretation: Positively charged amine. Not expected within one sample set only.
2. Protein and carbohydrate modification (C-O bonding) . Altered protein function and cellular communication. Not expected within blood.
3. Modification of amide bonds within proteins is likely. (Hemoglobin is a protein.)
4. Protein conformation or disulfide bond alteration is indicated.
5. Changes in fatty acid or lipids indicated. Red blood cell membranes can be affected.
6. Modification of aromatic rings possible, no single well defined functional groups in this region.

The primary combined net effect of these deviations in blood within the VAXXED sample points to alterations in hemoglobin structure that likely impact oxygen transport across the body.  Protein functioning and enzymatic activity are also likely to be impaired. This summary statement does not include impact of the CDB (i.e., synthetic biology) upon blood and it is restricted to the spectral deviations observed.  Additional comments regarding the spectral deviations in combination with synthetic biology (CDB) impact will be discussed later.


End of the short version of this paper

(Some of) The rest of the story…

The Long List:

1. A peak at approx. 359 wavenumbers (cm-1) is appearing in the VAX set that does not appear in the UNVAX set. The interpretation given is that of the existence of a metallic bond, or altered metallic bond with nitrogen in the VAXXED set that should not be there.  This same peak is showing itself within the culture environment, and further emphasizes its importance.

The presence of the metal-nitrogen bond ONLY within the VAXXED sample set indicates an interaction between a foreign metallic molecule and the nitrogen within hemoglobin. This molecule has the likely consequences of:

a) disrupting oxygen transport
b) inhibiting enzyme activity
c) inducing cellular stress

Regardless of the interpretations in progress, for ANY and ALL modifications to human blood structure via VAX, they should NOT be there.  There are and will be consequences to ANY such change.

An alternative peak interpretation also exists, and that is the alteration of an amine to incorporate a positive charge. The importance of this interpretation can be understood with reference to a previous paper, “Human Blood vs. Synthetic Blood : The Path to the Blood Clot” (Dec 2023) where the following assessment was made:


Red blood cells have a negative charge. This charge causes the cells to repel one another and prevent coagulation. If foreign proteins (i.e., CDB) of a relative positive charge are introduced into the blood it will cause a reduction of this repelling force. The consequence of this is that red blood cells will then be more attracted to one another, causing the increased coagulation of blood.

The essence of this section is that an understanding of the alteration of the electrical charge nature of blood is almost certain to be a critical factor in understanding any increase in blood coagulation. This then further requires an understanding of the electrical nature of any foreign proteins introduced into that blood. The framework for that understanding may now be in place.”


The remainder of the alterations involve shifts, which also indicate a change in the molecular structure of blood taking place.

We might wish this paper could end here, but we have five more to go….


2. The second deviation from the UNVAXXED set spectrum occurs with a shift from approx. 1155 cm-1 to an approx. 1178 cm-1 in the VAXXED set spectra.  Any deviation beyond three standard deviations (sigma = 2.6 cm-1) of instrumental variation is considered worthy of mention.

The interpretation of this deviation is that modification of carbon-oxygen bonds are likely taking place within blood.  Likely or potential consequences of this disturbance are that of:

a) affecting protein, stability, and molecular interaction (carbohydrates)
b) protein conformation and interaction (carboxyl groups)
c) inhibition of enzyme activity via protein misfolding
d) cellular communication disruption (proteins act as receptors or signaling molecules; altered proteins will affect this process)
e) immune response (altered proteins affect the immune response)


3. The third deviation from the UNVAXXED set spectrum occurs with a shift from approx. 2426 cm-1 to an approx. 2438 cm-1 in the VAXXED set spectra.

The interpretation of this deviation is that alterations in amide bonds within protein (i.e., hemoglobin) backbone will occur. This disruption is likely to result in:

a) reduced oxygen binding
b) reduced oxygen release to tissues
c) increased hemoglobin instability
d) reduced flexibility of red blood cells, increasing microvascular blockage.
e) entrapment of red blood cells by the spleen
f) synergy of detrimental impact with other deviations, such as the metal-nitrogen molecule listed previously.


4. The fourth deviation from the UNVAXXED set spectrum occurs with a shift from approx. 2569 cm-1 to an approx. 2558 cm-1 in the VAXXED set spectra.

Specific functional group identification in this region is uncertain. Protein conformation or disulfide bond alteration are possible changes that can occur here, along with aromatic ring disturbance.


5. The fifth deviation from the UNVAXXED set spectrum occurs with a shift from approx. 2921 cm-1 to an approx. 2913 cm-1 in the VAXXED set spectra.

This deviation can be attributed to change in the aliphatic hydrocarbons (C-H) within blood ; this can affect lipid functioning, fatty acid chains and cholesterol fluidity and structure. Red blood cell membranes are likely affected here, including integrity, fluidity and ion transfer within the membrane.


6. The sixth deviation from the UNVAXXED set spectrum occurs with a shift from approx. 2689 cm-1 to an approx. 2681 cm-1 in the VAXXED set spectra.

Possible C-H stretching takes place in this region. Modification of aromatic rings possible, no single well defined functional groups in this region.


There is an assessment that could be very helpful to make at this point.  An important question to ask before proceeding is what is the most likely combined impact of the above blood deviations upon blood?

One answer to this question appears to be that of impaired oxygen transport and reduced functioning of the red blood cells.  This is due to the evidence from above that strongly indicates an alteration of the protein structure and enzymatic activity of blood.  Both of these are obviously very serious issues for which a scientific basis does now exist.

It is worthwhile to note, however, that this same process of assessment does not place blood “clotting” as the primary impact from the deviations.  A level of clotting impact is acknowledged, but it does not appear to be on par with that of  the structural protein alterations in place.  The existence of the metal-nitrogen or amine molecular alteration or structure, simply not detected within the reference (unvaxxed) blood, adds another important dimension to the interpretation of “vaccination” impact.

This is where we must extend our consideration to include the role of synthetic biology (CDB) in our understanding of the broader picture that is evident before us.  The impact of the CDB is extensively researched and documented, and it too is known to incorporate impaired oxygen transport and delivery as a primary attribute.  It too is known that iron plays a major role within its metabolism and impact upon the body.  There are many other important aspects of the CDB impact upon blood, including its profound response to electrical current.

But concomitant to the above, with the highest degree of relevance, is the known mainstay of synthetic polymers that are made by this same synthetic biology (CDB).

It has been established without doubt that the existence of this synthetic biology alone is sufficient to produce multiple polymer (lay term: plastics) forms within the body.  It has been amply demonstrated that no purported “vaccination” is required to produce this visible extraordinary clotting.

The obvious approach and need, if we are willing to do so, is to put the two scenarios together and ask what is the expected result going to be?


We must be willing to look at the data, and make the effort to understand it.

A perusal of just some of the contemporary research of the “Long Covid” “mystery” will show two prominent topics under heightened consideration:

1. Reduced oxygen being delivered to the body
2. “Micro” blood clots

I think that we have more than a few clues as to where to look for the source of them.  I think that it more about our willingness and honesty as a species to do so, especially by those that dictate the narratives given to us for ingestion.

The net effect of this paper is that it links two heinous alterations of the human species together under one roof in a very tangible fashion, that of synthetic biology and the Covid Era “vaccination” impact.


Two more statements are to be made before closing (they will continue to be repeated).

1. It is best to attack a problem at its origin.

2. “All CI work is to serve the public interest and welfare at all times. Carnicom Institute will require that certain and further advanced discretionary disclosures, should they occur on this and related work, are directed to serve the public welfare and non-profit motives. The rights of public and affordable access to all benefits that may ensue are inherent. Interested parties, operating at the directorate or managerial level of such organizations or effort, are welcome to contact Carnicom Institute []. A history of charitable public service (in any and all professions) is paramount in any consideration. Any coordination should be viewed in terms of planning prospects only.”

If you would like to assist in the accelerated transfer of additional laboratory accomplishment to the general public and professional communities, please consider doing exactly as is requested above. Please make an effort to put charitable organizations that meet the criteria above in contact with Carnicom Institute. In addition, please download the additional resources that are available at the CI Library portal. Thank you.”

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P.S. I know that it is enjoyable to have more pictures, but this time (and many others as well..) the study of the data is the source.

Additional study notes:

The data consists of dried blood samples from five individuals in each group, for a total of 10 samples.  The range of consideration is from 200 to 3000 wavenumbers (cm-1).  Approximately 135 unique peaks were analyzed between the two groups, with a total of approximately 350 peaks across all samples and both groups studied.



Clifford E Carnicom
May 23 2024
Edit May 28 2024

born Clifford Bruce Stewart Jan 19 1953