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Blood, Covid & Cross Domain Bacteria (CDB) : Emerging Relationships

Clifford E Carnicom
Feb 15 2024

There are some relationships between increased blood coagulation over recent years, the Cross Domain Bacteria (CDB), and the Covid Era (i.e., “vaccine” campaign) that are in the process of consolidation and greater understanding.  These relationships center around the chemistry of blood and changes within it that can be observed or measured.

The objective of this paper is to to identify dominant organic chemistry that shows itself to be reactive within blood with respect to two variables:

A. Time.
B. “Vaccine” impacted or not.

Before proceeding, there are a few especially relevant assessments from work over the last couple of decades:

1. The Cross Domain Bacteria (CDB) are the primary entity responsible for the mainstay of the coagulation process.

2. The CDB are a product of synthetic and xenobiotic engineered biology.

3. The origin of CDB nomenclature dates to 2014, and is available here.

4. The origin of the CDB dates back to a minimum of 1999, and is available here.

5. The CDB and correspond biological products are documented to be the origin of serious blood damage, including being a seed for blood coagulation, since the early years of Carnicom Institute (CI) research (1999-2024).

6. The increased rate of, and the more visible impact of blood clotting, appear to correlate with the advent of the Covid Era.

7. Recent blood clot samples examined are composed of CDB synthetic biology and CDB formed polymers/proteins; these clot forms have become more visually evident within the Covid Era.

8. This correlation is the basis for renewed and extended CI research over the last two years.

9. It remains the assessment of CI that the harm from the CDB synthetic biology, along with the increased blood clotting, exists as the most immediate and severe threat to human health and existence.

10. The CDB impact and the “vaccine ” impact appear to be intricately intertwined  in their effects upon blood.  The history of harmful changes to human biology therefore transpires across decades, and the Covid Era appears to have added another dimension to that level of harm.  A more complete understanding of these relationships is unlikely to result from any restricted view or presumption.

11. Reference data from which to form proper analyses and establish proper controls is scarce to non-existent.  Changing standards, non-existent public databases, transitory interests, censorship, lack of candor in disclosure, and lack of access to critical data and information by the public create a challenging environment in which to synthesize and comprehend influences upon our lives.

12. Identification and understanding the biochemistry of the CDB and the reactivity of that biochemistry is a crucial stage in the development of mitigation, disruption or termination of this synthetic biology impact upon humans as well as the planet in general.  Per the introduction, this carries into the logic of Covid Era impact as well.

13. If you wish to understand more of how we have arrived at the current situation; a few summary presentations are available (research library is ~ 450 papers over ~25 years):

CI Research : 2023 Abstracts (Audio available)
CI : 2022 Abstracts (Audio Available)
CI Research Summary Media Jan 2022 – Dec 2023


Now to our current topic.  The essentials and basics of the organic chemistry (as well as some inorganic) of the CDB are now established or reaffirmed over the decades at an introductory level.  These results originate almost entirely from culture analysis over the previous decade, with an emphasis during recent years.  Although the nature of the CDB is an epitome of synthetic biology (e.g, synthetic blood production), the rules of chemistry and biology as known fully comply.  The required work is not a mystery, but this progress is certainly hindered by a lack of dedication of resources and commitment, as well as obfuscation.

The end process of this stage is an identification of fundamental organic functional groups within CDB biology.  The importance of functional group knowledge has been stated previously, but the essence lies in being able to foresee or predict reactivity.  Even though detailed structural chemistry remains unknown, some progress in the reduction of threat can be made with knowledge of reactivity.

Although the data set is extremely limited, it remains an appropriate start.   There is available for review:

1. A dried blood sample of an unvaxxed individual that dates to April 2020. (onset of Covid Era).
2. A dried blood sample from the same unvaxxed individual collected in Mar 2023. (tail of Covid Era)
3. Three dried blood samples from three vaxxed individuals collected in Mar 2023 (tail of Covid Era)
4. A dried blood sample from the same unvaxxed individual collected in Feb 2024. (post Covid Era)


Covid Era Profile


The primary method of analysis will be that of Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR).  It is important to recognize that this NIR analysis incorporates in a combined sense, CDB impacted blood state over decades, the passage of time of the Covid Era, and the”vaccination” state of various individuals.  It is required, therefore, to seek out the common denominators with the NIR profiles, and this centers on prominent absorbance at coinciding energy levels.  When that is established, preliminary changes in blood with respect to time or “vaccination” can be examined.

Greater variability of absorbance at common location peaks can be viewed as areas of “disturbance” of blood composition or structure.


Comparative NIR plot of blood samples dating from Apr 2020 – Feb 2024

The prominent organic functional groups that show themselves to be variable within the blood with respect to time and the “vaccine” campaign are:

1. Methyl group (1195-1215 nm) (1395-1396 nm)
2. Methylene group (930nm) (1395-1396 nm)
3. Amides/Polyamides (Proteins) (1505-1525 nm)
4. Vinyl groups (1629-1641 nm)


5. (Acid, from CDB culture analysis)
6. Alkene groups likely (~1700 nm)

It will be seen that the functional groups listed here are the same as those that are dominant within the CDB synthetic biology culture analyses.

What is of importance here is that the NIR variation between the samples is an expression of fundamental biochemical changes that are taking place in the blood.  These changes incorporate the elements of both time and “vaccine” impact.

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Let us speak about each of the groups in a little more detail, and their relationship or importance to blood functioning and/or CDB metabolism.

1. Methyl and Methylene groups:

These correspond to the presence of chain structures of hydrocarbons.  Fuels, fats and oils are classic examples of hydrocarbon chain structure (aliphatic).

It is already well known and established that the CDB has a significant hydrocarbon component to it.  This has been known for many years and the recent CI organic analysis only confirms that without doubt.  It will be found that CI isolated and investigated a lipid separation from the CDB quite some time ago.

Next, it is well established that blood, in its native state, also contains hydrocarbon structures of importance.  An example of these are the fatty acids in blood.  Fatty acids combine the hydrocarbon chains with an acid (functional group).

Now it is also of interest that the CDB is also characterized by the production of a significant acid (functional group).

Both blood and the CDB (along with pH analysis), therefore, have the essential structures required to establish fatty acid interaction (i.e., disruption, interference, or destruction) between the CDB and blood. In essence, we already have a problem at our doorstep regardless of the advent of the Covid Era.  And all signs over many years say that we do indeed have such a problem, PRIOR to the Covid Era.

What we are looking for in this graph, therefore, is whether the “vaxxed” group shows any distinction from the unvaxxed sample with respect to hydrocarbon chain – fatty acid change over the time period elapsed.

And the answer is yes (due to considerable variation in NIR absorbance at strategic wavelengths).

The interpretation of this information is that  CDB synthetic biology existence presents an inherent problem fatty acid disturbance in the blood from its origin decades ago, and that the Covid Era adds another layer of disturbance upon that pre-existing harm.

3 and 4. Amides/Polyamides (proteins) and Vinyl Groups.

We reach a similar conclusion by the same process for these functional groups as well. The blood protein and vinyl alterations already in place by nature of the CDB existence, are further altered by the “vaccination” impact layer added upon it.

There is another comment that can be made about an additional functional group operating at the end of the range of this particular NIR instrument.  This is the activity occurring near 1700 nm.  This region corresponds strongly to what are known as the alkenes.  The alkenes are double bonds with carbon and double bonds in general are more reactive than single bonds.

What is significant about this region is that fatty acids also commonly contain alkenes within them.  Fatty acids come in two forms, saturated and unsaturated.  Saturated refers to all carbon bonds being single and unsaturated means that some of the bonds are double (alkene).  The body needs both types of fatty acid in the blood and furthermore the ratio or balance between the two forms needs to be in order.  The literature generally refers to preference of higher unsaturated fatty acids relative to saturated fatty acids.

Any disturbance in fatty acids within the blood is a significant factor in the clotting of blood due to the structural nature of the fatty acids.  This is another example of the type of information that can be gleaned from organic chemistry and functional group determination and analysis.

What this leads to are the following conclusions:

1. The existence of the CDB, as documented now for more than two decades, shows disturbance within the fatty acid constitution of blood.  This is the case from the existence of the CDB synthetic biology within humans, and this conclusion has no dependence upon the influence of the Covid Era.  It is, therefore, considered to be the origin of the problem identified.

2. The advent of the Covid Era adds an additional layer of disturbance and harm to the problem.  Further change, further harm in combination with long term synthetic biology existence, and further harm and threat to human biology.

CI first reported on anomalous blood clotting issues in the fall of 2022.  The image below is one example from this extensive report on clotting and electromagnetic issues of the blood. Please see the following paper to become aware of the significant issues raised within that paper series:

Blood Alterations : A Six Part Series


A representative blood photograph from the reference paper of Aug 2022:
Magnification 1400 : Field microscope
Blood Alterations : A Six Part Series


A current blood sample from Feb 2024. Same individual as in preceding photograph.
CI applied research is a factor in this image. Magnification approx 3200x.

Please also be aware that another of the CI hypotheses that may well affect the CDB-Covid Era relationship is protein electrical charge imbalance within the blood.  This topic is introduced in the previous paper:

Human Blood vs. Synthetic Blood : The Path to the Blood Clot

Clifford E Carnicom
Feb 15 2024

Born Clifford Bruce Stewart
Jan 19 1953