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Carnicom Institute P2P Resource Links

What follows is a list of resources that support and relate to the Peer-to-Peer Research Network

Note:  This content is now featured prominently at our wiki site:

Mirror links for regularly backed-up versions of the main website that are hosted on independent servers around the world. Contact us to have your mirror listed here, or to find out how to host a mirror.

Introduction: TransitieWeb – The Netherlands

TransitieWeb – Carnicom Institute Mirror Site

Have some spare server space and bandwidth?  Interested in hosting a static version of the website?  Or perhaps you’re looking for an offline version of the website that you can browse on a computer that is not connected to the Internet?  Then grab this file, it has what you need.  Most recent is always the best. torrent or magnet

Torrent files and magnet links for various CI-related downloads. This list will be updated regularly as more content gets added to the network. Direct downloading is now possible, using the “Direct Link” by clicking on the name of the file directly.  Please note that this is less reliable than using the bittorrent system and is provided only as a backup method.

Clifford Carnicom presents at 3rd Annual Stop Geoenginering Summit 2018

MP4torrent or magnet

Carnicom Institute – Aerosol Crimes Documentary:


Carnicom Institute – Cloud Cover Documentary:


Carnicom Institute – Morgellons_ A Working Hypothesis – Web Conference:


Carnicom Institute Environmental Health Conference_October 2011:

2 Parts: Part 1 , Part 2, torrent or magnet


Carnicom Institute “Morgellons” with Dr. Gwen Scott:


Carnicom Institute – GeoEngineering and BioEngineering _ The Unmistakable Link: torrent  or  magnet

Carnicom Institute – Morgellons Research Discussion – Oct 19 2012: torrent  or  magnet

Carnicom Institute Radio Interviewstorrent  or  magnet

California Chemtrail Convergence 2008: torrent  or  magnet

Freedom For All TV Carnicom Institute: torrent  or  magnet

GeoEngineering Climate Change Modeltorrent  or  magnet

A Grand Ceremony: A Descent into the Grand Canyontorrent or magnet

Global Skywatch Radio – Clifford Carnicom Interviews:


ExopoliticsTV Clifford Carnicom: torrent  or  magnet

On Wide Lens – Focus on Geoengineering: torrent or magnet