Advances in Microscopy Blood  & Skin Filament Examinations – A Slide Show

Advances in Microscopy Blood & Skin Filament Examinations – A Slide Show

A maximum magnification that combines optical and digital means has recently been achieved. The development allows, under suitable conditions and sampling, a magnification of images at a reasonable resolution up to a level of approximately 18,000 power. This method has been applied to the examination of human blood samples as they relate to the “Morgellon’s” condition. A brief introduction to the results of this recent advance in microscopy that uses relatively limited means and equipment is presented below. Relevant topics of research that arise from the study include the more detailed appearance of the bacterial-like structure that has been studied extensively by this research. The degradation of the red blood cell exterior membrane is also clearly apparent. The rather striking appearance of white blood cells, their behavior with respect to the bacterial-like component, and the internal structures that are visible within the white blood cells are of high interest. The importance of an active immune system against the bacterial-like encroachment is immediately obvious. Introductory live-blood video analysis recently performed further emphasizes the importance of the relationship of the immune system to the Morgellon’s condition. This level of awareness and visibility on the Morgellon’s condition is a direct result of these recent advances in microscopy methods and techniques. The availability of more advanced equipment, should it become available, will accelerate this discovery process.