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(4/6/00 – INCOMPLETE)

 Bill Clinton  2 0
 Al Gore  2 0
 Barbara Boxer  12 0
 Dianne Feinstein  12 0
 Mary Bono  3 0
 Henry Waxman  3
 L.A. Times  4 0
 L.A. Weekly  3  0
 CA. Attorney General  2  1
 KABC TV 7  8  0
 KTLA TV News 3  1
 AQMD 10 2
 EPA  2 1
 Santa Monica  2 1
 City Officials  7  3


Unfortunately I did not save all letters or reponses when I sent or
received them, naively thinking that I wouldn’t need a record of this
later when the problem was solved (yeah, right!).

For the sake of brevity I won’t include all emails, but a sampling of
those I sent and received.

I would like to preface this by saying that the strident tone of some of
these letters is not really typical of my nature, but a result of my
frustration. Most of my original letters which I did not save were
merely cordial and inquisitive.

Boxer Letters:

Boxer: 3/11

Dear Senator Boxer,

You must be as sick of me as I am of you (no, actually that’s not
possible). Its me, you know, the crackpot who is convinced that the
government is engaged in a massive and illegal campaign to spray an
unknown substance on it’s own citizens.

Here’s a couple of photos from today (Santa Monica, 11:00 A.M. – Just
normal jet traffic right?).

Not that you will check it out, but here are links to several of the
over 100 websites investigating this crime independently of our elected
officials. Sure are a lot of us uninformed nut cases – and thousands
more every week, many of them California voters who want to know why you
are silent on this issue. I’ll make it my business to
report your inactivity on as many websites as possible, especially the
California ones.

And I’m a former supporter – others won’t be as kind as I am.

Rick Moors


Boxer 1/25

Dear Senator Boxer,

Please see the attached link and video still from a recent ABC News
program shot in Rogers, Ark. The program was about how Latinos are
changing the face of politics in America. I don’t know about you, but I
see something else in the photograph that will be changing the face of
politics as well. Check the link, if you dare:

While you still have any credibility, please tell us (remember us, your
constituents?) what’s going on. You do not represent the military, or
the CIA, or whoever else is perpetrating this. You should be telling US
what is going on.


Rick Moors



Dear Senator Boxer,

Sorry about the “Big Contribution” in the subject area of this e-mail. I
thought it might increase my chances of someone actually reading this.
I am a big fan of Democracy and I know you are too, so I am hoping you
can help me locate the wording of this law quoted below which was
repealed recently. It has to do with the use of human beings as test
subjects in chemical and biological experiments. I’ve tried everywhere,
and belive it or not, I can’t find out for the life of me WHAT was
repealed. Here it is:

US Code as of: 01/26/98

Sec. 1511. Repealed. Pub. L. 104-106, div. A, title X, Sec. 1061(k),
Feb. 10, 1996, 110 Stat. 443

Sec. 1520. Repealed. Pub. L. 105-85, div. A, title X, Sec.
1078(g), Nov. 18, 1997, 111 Stat. 1916

As one of your ardent supporters, I’d really appreciate any help you can
give me on this matter. Oh, by the way, I’ve attached a couple of photos
I took outside my house on Christmas day with my new digital camera.
Wacky weather we’re having, eh?


Rick Moors

EPA Response to formal complaint:

Thu, 13 Jan 2000 11:37:48 -0800

Dear Mr. Moors,

Frances Hitchon has forwarded to me the information you provided on
contrails in the LA area and asked me to respond to you. I have checked
with various people at EPA and believe that the photographs you provided
appear to represent normal situations (italics mine). Attached is a
sample of a letter that EPA has sent to several citizens that have also
inquired about contrails. Hopefully the information in this letter will
help address some of your concerns. Please email me at or call me at 415-744-1287 if you have further
-Doris Lo, EPA Region 9 Air Division.

(See attached file: contrails.WPD)

Frances Hitchon
01/12/2000 11:37 AM

To: Doris Lo/R9/USEPA/US@EPA
cc: David Tomsovic/R9/USEPA/US@EPA, Sara Segal/R9/USEPA/US@EPA, Paul
Subject: Suspicious contrails in Los Angeles during Dec/Jan

Here’s the information that I requested from the citizen from the
Angeles area about the contrails. He’s taken many more photos, but I
think he said that the jets were too far away to be able to make out who
owns them. He could provide a general description of what it looked

———————- Forwarded by Frances Hitchon/R9/USEPA/US on
11:30 AM —————————

Here’s my latest go-around with Fox TV11 (In reverse order, of course!)

Dear Fox,

Sorry to hear that you won’t be putting the team on this one. And I had
you pegged as real pit bulls!! I guess when Uncle Sam turns up the
heat, you get out of the kitchen pronto!

Glad you liked my photos anyway. Here’ s several more I took
yesterday. If you really like them, why not get a camera and take some
for yourselves? You won’t have to wait long for a good shot!

Rick Moors

P.S. If you ever change you mind about this subject “not warranting an
investigation,” here’s several thousand people (Pilots, scientists,
retired people, students, moms, etc) who can provide you with some
info. If you can’t find what you need here, there are only about 100
more sites on the subject:

Fox Undercover

Dear Rick,

Thanks for writing and for your interest in Fox Undercover. The
attached photos were very good, but I’m afraid it doesn’t appear to be
anything that would warrant an investigation.

Fox Undercover

Rick Moors wrote:

> Here’s a really tough nut to crack. Find out who’s been doing this!!
> (See attached photos all taken recently in Santa Monica).
> I’m sure you’ll be keeping me posted on your progress.
> Rick Moors

Hal Fishman (KTLA TV News Anchor) Non-Response

Re: Attn Weather and News Dept
Tue, 29 Feb 2000 06:13:38 -0600
Rick Moors <>,

Your message has been forwarded to Mr. Fishman.

______________________________ Reply Separator
Subject: Attn Weather and News Dept
Author: Rick Moors <> at Internet_TCO
Date: 2/28/00 5:30 PM

Today you predicted partly cloudy weather. Is this what you meant? (See
attached photos). I took these shots today 2/28 in Santa Monica each
about an hour apart. Basically I watched a perfectly blue sky turned to
a gray hazy overcast. The cause? At least 20 high flying jet aircraft
leaving contrails that eventually spread out and covered the sky. I
photgraphed this today and will be happy to send you more photos if you
want proof. I also saw the jets through binoculars and they were of two
types: the most common was a large white 2 engine jet with no markings,
the second was a smaller 2 engine jet with an orange fuselage and white
wings and tail, also no markings.

Why do you not mention this either on the news or weather? I’m sure I’m
not the first person to have written you about this phenomenon. I have
great respect for Mr. Fishman and I understand he is also a pilot. I
would like to hear his comments about these photos. I would also like to
request that you place this correspondence in your public file so that
it can be referred back to.

Thank you,

Rick Moors


Letter to Santa Monica City Council Member Robert Holbrooke (no

City council letter
Dear Mr. Holbrooke,

I am sending two photos typical of the 100 or so I have taken in Santa
Monica since Dec ’99. What you see in the photos is now pretty much a
24 hour a day occurance. These are not commercial aircraft, and the
substance they are spraying is making a lot of people sick. What are
you doing to investigate this?

Please do not suggest I call airport officials, AQMD, EPA etc. I have
tried all of them. This is going on over all our heads, and we all
breathe the same air.

Please respond.


Rick Moors

P.S. Photo #2 taken on 12/29/99 actually shows city hall being hit with
a big dose. I took this photo near Hill and 2nd street facing north
towards city hall and downtown S.M.

cc: All council members
Mayor’s office
S.M. Police

Santa Monica City Council Member Mike Feinstein’s response to the above
(he has responded with several follow up letters, and I believe he is

Mike Feinstein Response

Mon, 28 Feb 2000 23:58:43 -0800
Mike Feinstein <>
Rick Moors <>
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7


based on yours and my exchange

our staff is working on a simple vertical grid that is supposed to help
even the untrained eye distinguish what
aircraft are up there and what they are likely doing

I will let you know when they finish this

(this isn’t meant to refute anyone’s concerns, but I think it is a good
idea in and of itself, because of the concerns that people have about
these things all of the time)


Other Santa Monica City Council Members/Officials responses to the same

Kevin McKeown: Responded twice, believes these are normal jet trails.
Mayor Ken Genser: Responded and asked what I thought the trails were
composed of. I emailed him back with my ideas and web links. Never
heard back from him.
Pamela O’Connor: No Response
Paul Rosenstein: No Response
Richard Bloom: No Response
James Butts, Chief of Police: No Response

Response from L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan’s office:

Re: Hazardous air due to jet contrails
Fri, 14 Jan 2000 12:28:06 -0800
Lynda CUDLIP <>

We have not received any calls or other communications like yours. You
may wish to contact the Duty Officer at the Department of Airports,
(310) 646-4265, to check on any unusual activity.

I hope this referral will be of assistance to you.

Lynda Cudlip
Mayor’s Office

>>> Rick Moors <> 01/13 2:32 pm >>>
Dear Mayor Riordan,

Have you received any complaints about increased and/or unusual
jet contrail activity in Los Angeles over Dec/Jan? On Jan 7th
we were completely inundated by jet trails at 7:00 A.M. Within
several hours, my family and neighors were ill with identical symptoms:
runny eyes, sore throats, and breathing difficulties. I am not
imagining this, nor am I a conspiracy nut. If you don’t believe me look
up. I guarantee within two days you will agree that something very
strange is going on. Please see the two attached “before and after”
photos I took at my home in Santa Monica. The first I took at 7:00 A.M.
and the second at 9:00 A.M. You’re an honest man. Have you ever seen
anything like this before in L.A?

Please don’t suggest I email the AQMD, or Sen Boxer, etc. This is going
on over your city and it’s making lots of people sick. If you need
further evidence I will send you photos from almost any given day in the
last month of similar unusual activity.

Thanks for your time,

Rick Moors

L.A. Times Letter 1/00

Most of my previous letters to the Times were not this sarcastic, but
this is after about 4 previous emails to which I received no response.


Times letter

Has anyone at your “newspaper” bothered to go outside and look up within
the last month? If not, I am attaching two photos which will save you
the trouble. They were shot two hours apart on the morning of 1/7 in
Santa Monica.. Get the picture? This has been happening almost
constantly since early December and has made my family, neighbors and I

Maybe one of your “crack” reporters could be assigned to watch the sky
for a few days and see what he/she observes.

Thanks for your time,


My Response to Rep. Henry Waxman’s suggestion that I contact the Air
Resources Board:

Waxman 1/17

Thank you for responding to one of my earlier emails to you regarding
the appearance of suspicious contrails over the Los Angeles area. After
not hearing from you in over a month I sent a couple of more somewhat
pointed emails. If you have received them, I hope you take no offense.
I am extremely frustrated with elected officials in terms of getting a
response to this complaint at this point.

In your reply, you suggested that I contact airport authorities, etc. I
apparently did not make it clear that these contrails can in NO WAY be
confused with normal air traffic. The source lies elsewhere, and is of
such a scope that I’m sure even if you knew the real reason, you would
still be powerless to do anything about it.

I’m sure, even though you can’t admit it, it’s obvious to you like it is
to everyone else that something is being sprayed on everyone in every
major population area of this country. I re-iterate: if you would like
photographic evidence, I have photos from almost every day since early
December. If you saw the photos you would be convinced, but I have the
feeling that you already are.

Thanks for your time.

Rick Moors

Letter to the New Scientist (No Response)

Has anyone there done any tests or studies on the stuff that is raining
down on every population center in the U.S? I am referring to a
systematic campaign involving huge numbers of high flying non-commercial
jet aircraft which leave enormous contrails which expand into clouds,
and slowly descend. When this happens, you will notice a salty,
metallic or even soapy taste in the mouth, usually followed by
respiratory problems.

I know by now you are aware of this crisis, as I’m sure it’s happening
in your city as well. My question to you is, how can we protect
ourselves from this assault. Can you somehow test this stuff after it
drifts down, or can you collect it from a plane? This is not a joke,
nor am I a conspiracy nut. This is a MAJOR HEALTH CRISIS OF CRIMINAL

Please do what you can to help. No media will touch this story.

Please see attached “before and after” photos shot in Santa Monica on
1/7. The first was shot at 7:00 A.M., the second one at 9:00 A.M. At
6:00 A.M., the sky was blue.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Rick Moors


kabc tv 7 letter 2/00 (N0 Response)

Several weeks ago I emailed you what I thought were rather convincing
photos of a systematic spraying campaign by unidentified aircraft over
the Los Angeles area. Since I have not heard back from you I assume
that you are not interested in investigating this story. I would like
to request that you delete my photos from your files.

I am not surprised that you have neither the courage nor the
journalistic integrity to pursue this lead. What does surprise me is
that this is not a tough nut to crack. JUST LOOK UP!!! How much
“journalistic” training do you have to have to simply observe what has
been happening in our skies over the last month and a half?

I find it ironic that the true journalistic “heroes” of today are the
Larry Flints and the National Enquirers. They will be my next stop – at
least they’ll give me a hearing. Best of luck on your next freeway
chase or celeb scandal stories. Oh, and I’d keep my kids and pets
inside where it’s less likely they’ll get sick from this “non-event.”


Rick Moors

Mary Bono Email 2/24/00 (No Response)

It seems whenever I visit Palm Springs lately the beautiful blue sky I
used to remember is always obscured by what appears to be very unnatural
jet trails. Is there some type of missile testing in the desert going
on? Every time I come to visit, it seems to get worse. I’m about ready
to scratch Palm Springs off my vacation list.

Can you explain what this is and why aren’t you trying to stop it? It
can’t be very good for tourism.


Rick Moors

KABC TV7 letter 4/12/00

How could you guys have failed to publicize this great event in
advance? I’m talking about the great Air Show that was held in Santa
Monica on Sunday, April 9th. (see attached photos). There was some
amazing stunt flying and as you can see, a lot of skywriting.
Unfortunately, the skywriters must have been dyslexic or illiterate, as
it was hard to make out the writing. All in all however, a great show.
You guys are usually on top of these kinds of stories – I’m sure if you
had publicized it there would have been a wider audience.

Oh, you missed another great story also. I’m talking about the
quadruple missile launch from Vandenberg AFB last night, 4/10 (see last
photo). You all are really slipping.

Rick Moors

Dianne Feinstein 5/2/00

Dear Dianne,

Just wanted to mention what a wonderful job you are doing in making the
world safe from arch-villains such as the bloodthirsty and treacherous
Wen Ho Lee. I for one will sleep better knowing he is firmly shackled
in solitary confinement.

Just one small criticism however. I notice that in your zeal to fall all
over yourself appearing to be “patriotic” that you have overlooked an
even more insidious plot. I’m talking about the relentless spraying of
an unknown noxious substance on every populated area in the U.S. since
last December. Thousands of people like myself have tons of photos and
water samples, etc. to back this up. But guess what? With the
exception of Sen. Udall from New Mexico, who is calling for hearings, no
other politicians have responded. I guess when the bad guy is Uncle Sam
and not some bogus paper tiger, you get out of the kitchen pretty
pronto. I’ve attached a couple more photos of what is now an every day
occurance here in Los Angeles. Call me a nut, but I consider myself a
citizen. And I consider you a coward.

Your cowardice and inaction are being documented on the following
websites. Give them a visit some time. I think the combined hits on
these sights is over a million a week.


Rick Moors

Boxer 3/1/00

Dear Ms. Boxer,

Snapped these photos yesterday between rainstorms. These shots are
typical of any given day in Santa Monica the last two months. What the
hell is going on and why are you so cowardly as to ignore this issue?
I’m a former supporter, and not only will I never vote for you again, I
will actively campaign for the first “public servant” who addresses this
issue (and something tells me that ain’t you).

By the way, the chemical spraying in these photos can easily be seen
with binoculars. The planes involved in laying these particular trails
on 2/26 in Santa Monica were: KC 135’s painted all white w/ no markings,
727 2 engine type jets, white with orange under-fusleage, no markings,
and at least one small white military trainer type aircraft, w/ no wing
mounted engines visible. All were leaving huge contrails, while other
normal jet traffic, apparently at a higher altitude were leaving no

Obviously you are aware of this activity. I have utter comtempt for
your cowardice. You and other hypocrites like you make me ashamed to be
a member of the same species. No matter what you have been told about
this, your obligation is to serve the people you represent. AND THAT
MEANS KEEPING US INFORMED!!!! You have failed miserably in this basic
task. Two months ago I was a liberal Democrat and an ardent supporter.
Now I’m just sorry I ever believed in you and want you to go away.


Rick Moors


Doris Lo EPA office 9 Complaint 4/10/00

Dear Doris,

I’d like you to see this activity I photographed in Santa Monica two
days ago. Previous to this day, there were 5 days of clear skies with
NO JET TRAILS whatsoever. The weather on the day I took the photos was
identical to the previous 5 days, clear and warm. Since you maintain
that every previous photo I have sent you represents “normal” jet
trails, there can only be two explanations for the huge contrails in the
photos you are looking at:

1. There was NO air traffic whatsoever in the Los Angeles area during
the 5 days prior to the photographs being taken; Or,

2. Los Angeles was mistakenly targeted by a massive fleet of skywriters
who became lost on the way to an air show.

You must be very proud of the work you’re doing, “protecting” the
environment and all. Here’s hoping we can all survive your

Rick Moors

P.S. Oh, by the way, here’s a guy in Orange County who coincidentally
took lots of the same pictures down there on the SAME DAY I took mine in
Santa Monica. Those wayward skywriters sure get around

P.S. As usual, I’ll be posting your replies (or lack therof) on numerous
large websites where concerned Americans like myself are demanding
accountability from our elected officials and government agencies.

Doris Lo 4/12 in response to my above complaint:

Mr. Moors:

I have reviewed some of the many internet websites associated with
contrails/chemtrails. As you know, this issue has been around for awhile
and has been raised to several high level elected and government
officials. I will try contacting some Department of Defense personnel
and will let you know if I find any useful information.

I am not someone at EPA who is able to initiate an EPA investigation of
military flight operations. I will forward your concerns about
potential military flight operations which may be violating EPA rules or
endangering the health of the citizens to EPA Headquarters staff. They
should get back with you directly if they have any comments.

I am sorry I’m not able to help you any more.


My response to Doris Lo @ EPA office 9 4/14/00

Dear Doris,

Every time I receive one of your courteous replies to my sarcastic
letters I feel guilty. I believe you may be sincere and really want to
help get to the bottom of this, but if you are expecting any
co-operation from the DOD you are dreaming. This is a classic case of
the fox (The military) being put in charge of the chickens (that would
be you and I).

I may be fatalistic, but I believe neither you nor anyone at the EPA can
do anything to change this situation. Whatever they are trying to do,
it appears that they have gotten away with it. It’s a shame to see that
health of our kids, old people and those with compromised immune systems
jeopardized in this fashion. Know this for a fact: These are not normal
jet trails, and they are making many people sick. This is behavior I
would have expected from Nazi Germany, but never in America.

There are thousands if not millions of us now who are aware of this
crime (yes, that’s the right word). If someone from the EPA were to
contact the news media regarding these complaints to you it would be a
good start.

Thanks again Doris, and I didn’t mean to come off like a jerk. I’m just
very frustrated with this whole situation.

Rick Moors

Posted June 30 2000:


CITIZEN’S CHRONICLE UPDATE (In which Bill Kelly of the AQMD flawlessly
executes the famous “AQMD to EPA handoff play.”)
TO: Air Quality Management District

Dear Sirs,

I would like to submit a formal complaint about unidentified jet
aircraft spraying an unknown toxic substance over the Los Angeles area
for the past 3 months. This would definitely be a violation of AQMD
rule 402 (listed below, for your information). These jets leave trails
which are not normal. Instead of fading away like most jet trails, these
expand and form clouds, sometimes covering the entire sky. I have seen
and photographed as many as 12 jets at a time systematically laying down
patterns over the Los Angeles area (See attached photos).

I do not want to hear a standard lecture on how jet contrails are
formed. I know how they are formed, and they have nothing to do with
the activity I am reporting. I want to know what action you are going
to take to halt this threat to our health, not to mention the
desecration of what little is left of our clear skies.

Until you demonstrate that you have the courage to take action against
this crime, I suggest you refer to yourselves as “The Air District”,
since the terms “Quality” and “Management” don’t really apply.

Rick Moors

Adopted May 7, 1976)


A person shall not discharge from any source whatsoever such quantities
of air contaminants or other material which cause injury, detriment,
nuisance, or annoyance to any considerable number of persons or to the
public, or which endanger the comfort, repose, health or safety of any
such persons or the public, or which cause, or have a natural tendency
to cause, injury or damage to
business or property.

The provisions of this rule shall not apply to odors emanating from
agricultural operations necessary for the growing of crops or the
raising of fowl or animals.

cc/ Barbara Boxer
Dianne Feinstein
Los Angeles Times
Office of the State Attorney General
Doris Lo, EPA regional office 9
Mayor Richard Riordan


RE: Formal complaint about bad air due to jet activity
Tue, 28 Mar 2000 09:39:41 -0800
Bill Kelly <>
‘Rick Moors’ <>

Dear Mr. Moors:
Thank you for your complaint. AQMD has called for tighter emissions
standards for jets, however, it is up to the federal Environmental
Protection Agency to set those standards. My understanding is that EPA
is examining standards, though I do not know the status. I suggest you
contact the federal EPA, since AQMD does not have legal jurisdiction
over jets flying over the area. Thanks for your concern.

-Bill Kelly,

AQMD Web Editor



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