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Authored by Diane Harvey
This document received by email on September 13 2000
Posted by Clifford E Carnicom
September 13 2000


To: Michael K. Gibson, Lt.Col, USAF

Deputy Chief, Congressional Inquiry Division

Office of Legislative Liaison

Dear Col. Gibson:

This responds to your “response” to Representative Mark Green concerning chemtrails. I have of course removed your quotation marks from the word “chemtrails” and put them where they belong: around the word “response”. Your ludicrous reply to sincere citizens’ demands for an explanation is receiving precisely the quality and quantity of outrage it so richly deserves. There are tens of thousands of us who have perforce been obliged to educate ourselves, in depth and at tedious length, in regard to this relatively new phenomenon overhead. We’ve done our homework, collected our research, and published our increasing encyclopedias of evidence. We are not amused with your infantile “ice crystals” taradiddle.

My father, like you, was a colonel in the USAF. He was physically courageous, deeply honorable and intellectually scrupulous. He never told lies, and neither do his children, who were patriotic little career Air Force brats. He thought of his service career, strange to say, as keeping the world safe for…well, what exactly was it he kept the world safe for, Col. Gibson? Oh yes: Democracy. Does this word ring any bells? I’m sure you’ve heard of it- the old “of the people, by the people, and for the people” kind of thing? Are you quite comfortable, morally speaking then, with your present function in our threadbare but still supposedly democratic society? Are you proud of yourself, sitting around churning out insultingly childish, barefaced lies to the American public? Who do you imagine is soothed by your serving up such an abysmally unintelligent piece of droning fluff? We are concerned, Colonel, and we are correct: your patronizingly meaningless letter is just one bit of proof that something is terribly wrong. And we can only be disgusted that the USAF, having done it’s duty to help destroy Communism, seems now to be doing its part to destroy democracy as well.

Furthermore, Colonel Gibson, if you are “only following orders”, and feel you absolutely must tell outrageous lies to the public, then at least let them be reasonably scientifically sophisticated and intellectually edible. Since you lack the courage and honor required of honesty and a decent response, at least give us worthier puffs of smoke and a bit of razzle-dazzle mirror-work. Don’t bother your pretty little head trying to palm off pathetic imitations of Contrails 101 on a segment of the population which is highly informed. The purple dinosaur level of your letter to Mr. Green entirely fails to entertain us. You will need to command a far higher order of drivel altogether for that.

You may choose to treat us as imbeciles, but this merely degrades you personally, and your department, and the USAF, and this government. I am not a liar, Colonel Gibson, and neither am I subject to inane delusional states. The countless other perfectly sane citizens of this country who are observing and reporting the factual proliferation
of chemtrails are also not going to be content to be spoken to in such a shamefully dismissive manner. We know precisely who is hoaxing who, and we are hardly going to be quelled by such a fatuous and pathetic attempt at a reply. You have not heard the last from us, Colonel Gibson. If I were you, I’d give the matter of chemtrails some serious thought. As long as they are present in our daily lives, we are going to be present in yours, and in the offices of our elected officials.


Diane Harvey

cc: The Honorable Mark Green

United States House of Representatives

Washington DC 20515