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Carnicom Institute Newsletter

Summer 2019


The Santa Fe event in late April, GEOENGINEERING & BIOENGINEERING –THE UNMISTAKABLE LINK, was an opportunity for Clifford to present the work of Carnicom Institute in its past and present state, as well as changes that are anticipated. This presentation was given, along with researcher Elana Freeland, to a very receptive audience. 

Clifford speaking at the Geoengineering-Bioengineering: The Unmistakable Link Conference

During the two-day conference, Clifford presented the work of CI in three main sections.

The first session, Carnicom Institute Past, covers roughly the first decade and a half of Carnicom Institute existence. The emergence of the geoengineering and bioengineering issues of our lifetime are portrayed in this session and the significance of them is placed in a historical context. The history of humanity has entered uncharted waters, and we are the generation that has been poised to confront it.

The middle session, Carnicom Institute Present, covers the more contemporary work of CI, in general spanning the recent five years. The bioengineering aspect of the changes to our world has established itself as a prominent and ominous portent to all life on this planet. Specific, reproducible, definitive laboratory accomplishments on the Morgellons microbiology were conveyed. The crucial extraction of microbiological DNA has now established itself as an important threshold and as a point of no return to ambiguities permitted in the past.

The final session, Carnicom Institute Future, outlined specifically and in detail, the requirements to benefit from the work now in place. The vision for the proposed Carnicom Foundation, its purpose and its mission was explicitly laid out. This will be yet another threshold where decisions will need to be made.

We strongly encourage you to devote the time to become aware of the content of this Carnicom Institute presentation. This conference likely represents the most comprehensive summation of CI’s presence and history. It is quite likely that such an event will not be repeated in the future. We implore you to take the opportunity to become aware of the significance of this event.

The Carnicom portion of this conference is archived at the following link:

Geoengineering-Bioengineering: The Unmistakable Link Conference

Please be aware that CI no longer uses the google/Youtube platform due to intrusive surveillance, censorship, and propaganda policies. The conference videos are hosted on (however restrictive in distribution) as a statement of defiance and free expression.


The summer months found Clifford and Carol in Montana with the research continuing in a mobile lab.

Recent papers include:

Simple Observations, Important Conclusions
Clifford E Carnicom
Jul 06 2019

The images in this research paper will demonstrate that an exact match exists between the microbiology of the “Morgellons” condition BOTH internal and external to the body. It also, once again, confirms the studies that confirm and prove that this health condition is in no way limited to skin effects or symptoms.


Complex Observations, Unknown Consequences
Clifford E Carnicom
Jul 07 2019

This paper introduces some of the more enigmatic developments that have come within the scope of research at Carnicom Institute, with special emphasis upon certain anomalies observed during the last year. There is now an element of geometry and ‘order’ within the examination of the microbiology that is known to be causal to the Morgellons health condition that is puzzling, but nevertheless appropriate to disclose.

Complex Observations, Unknown Consequences


Morgellons: The Evidence is Evident
Clifford E Carnicom

Jun 13 2019

What follows below is both striking and indisputable. An individual who is affected by the characteristic external symptoms of the Morgellons condition has submitted a sample for observation that is incontrovertible as to its uniqueness. The photograph below shows a toenail clipping from the individual that clearly demonstrates the growth of the unique and identifiable filament network from this same nail.

Morgellons: The Evidence is Evident

More discoveries with profound implications have been made in recent months, but further investigation is required before conclusive assessments can be established.  


A primary focus this past year has been the development of a professional funding platform in conjunction with planning a transition from Carnicom Institute to the proposed Carnicom Foundation.

Clifford speaks on the Carnicom Foundation Proposal and Summary

Carnicom Foundation Proposal & Summary

Carnicom Institute is seeking to establish a non-profit educational foundation by the name of Carnicom Foundation. Carnicom Foundation will carry the legacy of Carnicom Institute research forward to serve the public environmental and health interests for current and future generations.

Carnicom Institute is expressly appealing to the philanthropic members of society who have a humanitarian commitment to the environment and to the welfare, rights, and health of the world population.

Funding campaigns have been established to initiate the creation of the Carnicom Foundation. A detailed description for each care campaign is available on the website under the SUPPORT US button at the bottom right hand corner of every page.

Numerous additional or expanded aspects of the proposed Carnicom Foundation will need to be developed to fulfill the mission of carrying the legacy of Carnicom Institute research forward to serve the public environmental and health interests for current and future generations.


Long-term benefits for the public are being developed through the Carnicom Institute Legacy Project (CILP). The Carnicom Institute Legacy Project and the proposed Foundation are planned to preserve, protect, and distribute the extensive body of work and ongoing research conducted by CI at an international level. Our goal is to provide full access to the entire body of work of CI, including a voluminous set of hand-written laboratory notebooks, in a manner that is freely accessible. Planning for the CI Legacy Project continues, including the longer term transition from an innovation research organization to a broader educational organization, Carnicom Foundation, that sponsors and promotes more controlled and sophisticated research to take place in future years.

Research Custody and Protection Fund:

Carnicom Institute (i.e., future Carnicom Foundation) requires a secure storage location for the long-term protection of research materials and intellectual property developed over the last two decades. This work will be especially important in the development of the Carnicom Foundation and the goals it is to serve in future decades.

Print and Digital Library Fund:

Carnicom Institute requires that the research materials and intellectual properties that have been developed over the last two decades be incorporated into a publicly accessible library. The library will partially consist of the research notebooks (25-30 volumes), innumerable laboratory photographs and micro-photographs, and analytical instrument data (esp. infrared spectra). In addition, research paper abstracts (yet to be developed) and supplemental notebooks with mathematical developments will be included. The results of laboratory studies that span many scientific disciplines are also included in this body of work.


Over 20 years of research and nearly 400 research papers represent the significant contributions of Carnicom Institute in its past and present roles. At this point, the role and face of Carnicom Institute must change. It is only with adequate support and significant donations that the transition to Carnicom Foundation and the establishment of clinical level testing will move the research forward in a way that truly serves the public good.

Carnicom Foundation Proposal & Summary


From the emails that we received, we know that many people are suffering with health issues and are reaching out for help. Much of the research of CI is directed toward the Morgellons condition and we recommend that you visit our website and read CI papers relevant to the Morgellons condition. Carnicom Institute is not a clinic and cannot give out medical advice, but there is much to be gleaned from the research that may be of benefit. With this in mind, here are some suggested research papers to study:

Morgellons : A Supplemental Discussion There is a considerable amount of information in this paper, which may provide helpful information.

Other papers that that may contain helpful information include:

Morgellons : A Thesis   Numbers 14, 15, and especially 17.

Amino Acids Verified  The first paragraph may be helpful to study, as well as anything related to iron and amino acids,

Carol’s Smoothie can be found on the Media Resources Page with a focus on nutrition; proper nutrition has a direct relationship to the research that has been presented.

There are search boxes on the home page and within the Research Library where key words for topics of interest can be entered.

Search for anything written related to iron, protein, amino acids, glutathione, NAC, antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, enzymes, gelatin, oxidation of the body (smoking would seem to be a serious and undesirable complication of matters), collagen, liver, and detox. Reading about them could offer insights into their role in maintaining health. Enzymes appear to be of special importance.

Morgellons : A Working Hypothesis, particularly the third section on mitigating strategies. Pay special attention the thyroid, metabolism, and halogen substitution on the thyroid and iodine are discussed.

Watch Clifford’s youtube videos with the late Dr. Gwen Scott, naturopathic doctor. She refers to several treatments that may be helpful. There is also a paper from her on our site in which she presents a series of suggestions on the subject.

Listen to Webinar with Mark Kilcoyne for more health suggestions.

Stage I of the Morgellons Research Project, the online health survey, is now complete.  A vast storehouse of information for health professionals is is now availableBase results are posted on the website. 

Returning to health or staying healthy takes vigilance. We do hope the information from the research will be helpful to you.


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Please communicate the importance of the work of CI to your friends and peers to help us increase our subscriber base.

Your investment in Carnicom Institute is an investment in humanity’s future.


We at Carnicom Institute thank you for your interest in and your support of the work of CI relating to the environmental and health issues of our times. We wish you the best of health and a return to true blue skies and rain where it is needed.

Clifford Carnicom, President

Carol Carnicom, Vice-President

KR Tejeda, Associate Director & Webmaster

Carnicom Institute