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Clifford E Carnicom
Jan 21 2002
Post Edited Mar 05 2002


The repetition of incorrect information to the public over an extended period of time requires that the following statements be affirmed:



Attention is again called to the significantly incorrect information which is presented within an article published on Mar 04 2002 by William Thomas, entitled “Air Traffic Controllers Concerned Over Chemtrails”, (

“According to NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, contrails can only form at temperatures below minus 76 degrees, and humidity levels of 70 percent or more. Even in ideal conditions, contrails rarely last more than 20 minutes.”


It is recommended that all journalists, citizens and researchers educate themselves in the fundamental physics of contrail formation vs. ‘cloud’ formation and the various sources of information that are available on this topic. Distinctions between CONTRAIL formation and ‘CLOUD’ formation are of critical importance within this process. It is hoped that a factual and accurate understanding of these matters by the general public can be brought to light in the near future.


Mar 05 2002
Clifford E Carnicom




Centrex News : Public Correction Required

The following letter has been sent to Mr. Joel Skousen regarding a recent article posted on, and is made available to the public as well.


CE Carnicom
Jan 27 2002

Mr. Skousen,

Thank you for your recent attention to the aerosol issues on (World Affairs – Jan 11 2002(1?)). You have
pointed out an important inaccuracy by the journalist Will Thomas within your
recent article regarding the formation of contrails with respect to
relative humidity. If you investigate the source of these statements by
Mr. Thomas, you will likely find that they refer to work that I have
conducted on this issue. My work has been misquoted by Mr. Thomas.
Mr. Thomas has been requested to correct this statement, and to my
knowledge, has never acted upon my request. It remains my desire that
this be done, as has been stated publicly.

Please refer to the following page in particular:

I have conducted several studies related to the humidity issue, and
numerous models with respect to contrail formation are presented within
my research. There is, as you have noted, an important distinction to
be made between the conditions of contrail formation vs. cloud
formation. In fact, the models available allow for reasonably accurate
prediction of contrails down to essentially 0% relative humidity. The
conditions for “cloud” formation, artificial or otherwise, are a
distinctly separate issue. This has not been accurately presented to my
knowledge by Mr. Thomas, regardless of public and private requests that
have been made to this journalist. You may further evaluate the
evidence and information available at:

This letter to you will be made available to the public within my web
site, as well as the message board attached to it. My hope is that you
will provide a correction to the public as well.


Clifford E Carnicom
January 21, 2002

ref :



The following information has been made available to the public by Mr. Joel Skousen on the World Affairs brief of January 25 2002:



Other researchers have relayed to me that William Thomas is not a
reliable researcher. In particular, he misquoted from one technical article
by NOAA meteorologist Thomas Schlatter. In fact, the critical
temperature for contrail formation is -40 degrees F., not -76 degrees.
Thus, contrailing can occur even at low altitudes, especially in the
winter months up north. Secondly, I erred in stating that the US airways
are mostly east-west. I meant that most of the airway traffic is
east-west. Airways connect all major destinations. The important point
here is that rarely do chemtrail observations match airway intersections
or major air routes. Third, contrails at altitude can stop and start again,
but this only happens when aircraft are flying at the boundary of
contrail temperatures, which is not always even or uniform. The
resultant stopping and starting of contrails is therefore quite gradual and
takes at least a mile of air travel to complete. Such a phenomenon does
not explain the abrupt, sharp cessation of spraying at altitude that I
witnessed or that has been documented by the photos at “


Partial Quotations with attribution permitted.
Cite source as Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief


I extend my appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Skousen for his prompt responsiveness to any issues of concern and doubt that readers may have raised. In addition, his journalistic integrity is evident within his work ; it is expressed clearly by his spirit of inquiry and the seeking of truthful disclosure.


Clifford E Carnicom
Mar 08 2002