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The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation has been contacted regarding certain actions publicly committed or proclaimed against me, including impersonation, libel, hacking, and threats against my livelihood. Additional information has been provided concerning recent publicly proclaimed death threats against a separate individual.

Clifford E Carnicom
May 7 2000
May 19 2000
May 26 2000

Criminal Message Board Terminated
Message Posted on June 9 2000

Credit is given to the managerial staff of Looksmart, Ltd. ( for
their recent and prompt decision to terminate the existence of a message board
which has prompted the filing of criminal reports to the Federal Bureau of

This message board has fostered unchecked criminal activity including death
threats, publicly claimed hacking, impersonation, fraud and libel.

The public is encouraged to keep a watchful eye for any re-emergence of this

Clifford E Carnicom

Criminal Activity Continuing
Message Posted on June 13 2000

The following message has been posted by myself on
the Chemtrail Tracking Club Message Board as No.
24193 on June 13 2000. All participants of this board
are encouraged to continue to force truthful disclosure
on all accounts. Appreciation is extended to those
readers and users that have brought this matter to my


Please note that the criminal actions of libel, slander,
and impersonation are continuing. Newspaper
accounts recently encountered regarding me are
fictitious and they are the basis of criminal
complaints that I have filed recently with the FBI.
Such fictitious accounts are contributing grounds
for the recent termination of a message board by
operated by LookSmart, Ltd. as described below.

Readers are encouraged to keep a watchful eye for all
such crimes that are being committed, to work
diligently to trace their source, to eliminate falsehoods,
and to file formal reports with the authorities
as is appropriate.

Clifford E Carnicom
June 13 2000


Acknowledgement :
Posted June 28 2000

A second message board that participated (possibly unknowingly) in the criminal actions of libel has been terminated. Appreciation is extended to the owners of for their prompt decision to terminate the board upon notification of the severity of the crimes. This brings to a total of three those
message boards which have been managed decisively when confronted with clear evidence of extremist libel and fraud.

Any notification of further criminal action against researchers or activists involved with the aerosol issue is appreciated.


Clifford E Carnicom

Acknowledgement :
Posted June 30 2000

Re: Criminal Activity Continuing

A fourth message board that has been the recipient of libelous and fraudulent information against me has removed the material as well as the offending party. Appreciation is extended to for acting decisively and with integrity on this matter, and to the alert participants of this message board that nullified the repeated attempt of defamation.

Clifford E Carnicom
June 30 2000