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Holes in the Ozone, or Holes in the Soul?
The True Evil of Chemtrails

by Lorie Kramer
Sept 26 2002

For the last four years, thousands of people across the United States and the planet have continued to observe the deliberate application of toxic particles into our atmosphere in order to implement the insidious, very highly classified black budget programs which have become known as “Chemtrails.”

Despite repeated requests to government and environmental agencies for investigation into these programs and complaints about the lack of environmental impact studies and informed consent of the people whose health is being adversely affected, and whose environment is being destroyed, there has been no acknowledgement, no action taken to address the concerns, and no let up in the chemtrail activity. Evidence of this activity in the way of observations and chemical samples and analysis are ignored or debunked in order to preserve the control factors.

It has become increasingly obvious that these programs are being directed by the same military/industrial greedy and power hungry groups that are jeopardizing the health and safety of all of us in so many other ways.

The information that has been uncovered is damning. The agencies which believe that their wishes to control the planet are more important than the health and safety of its inhabitants, be it humans or other animals, water and our food supply are criminals. It can only be assumed that this lack of accountability to the people of this, and other nations, is due to a mindset, which is inconceivable to those of us with a heart and conscience.

These programs are threatening the very existence of life on Earth. If they continue, ecological systems will be irretrievably damaged, if this has not yet already happened. Life as we know it will be unsupportable. This is indeed the most unconscionable of acts of terrorism ever set upon humanity.

In the most perverse manifestation of the old saying “I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine”, these groups in their thirst for control and power have set operations in place which are destroying natural ecological systems and adversely affecting the health and lives of the citizens of the planet. At this point they are out of control. Unless something is done with the utmost urgency to stop this assault, it will be too late to save these systems.

It is the most destructive game of domino stacking ever conceived. The programs that manipulate the ionosphere are causing holes in the ozone layer and having severe effects on geomagnetic fields on the planet. The results are seen in the Southern Polar Regions and the change in the weather. The programs they have initiated to place a band-aid over those ozone holes to try and “patch” them are increasing global warming, causing drought and deforestation, and making people incredibly sick and causing deaths. The programs, which are being implemented to enable advanced weapons systems, are harming the very people they claim they want to defend. They should change the name to the Department of Offense it would be more appropriate. Despite all of the horrendous results and continuing destruction, they continue the assaults.

These are all pieces of very destructive puzzles. The populous is being lied to, the ecosystems are being destroyed, and meanwhile nothing is being done to address the problem. This begs the question, why?

Have we, as a species, become so perverse that we can no longer connect to the very systems that provide us with life on this planet? Have we become so consumed with fear and hatred, greed and the desire for power that we cannot even see where we are destroying ourselves? Have we become so controlled and dumbed down that we just stand by and watch it all happen without an effort to stop it? Have we finally made the choice of hate over love at the cost of our very life on this Earth? Have the holes in our souls become so large that we are willing to sacrifice our very survival to live in the negativity we have created?

One would hope that this is not the case, but the evidence is mounting that this is indeed what we have done. It will soon be very obvious that the results of these programs are threatening our very existence. Unless these programs and the damage they are causing are addressed quickly, there is no hope. If we continue in this mode of apathy and allow these operations to go on, we will reap what we sow.
It will be a very bitter harvest.

Lorie Kramer