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January 26 2000

The process of submitting protest letters via began on Nov 20 1999, and thus far includes over 1700 letters sent to federal and state officials. This statement affects letters that have been sent to state officials only.

The following number of protest letters on the aerosol issue have been delivered via to the individual senators and governors of each state:

AL 16 AR 6 AZ 42 CA 36 CO 12 FL 4 GA 6 HI 3 IN 4 MO 6 MI 21 MN 3 MO 3 NC 18 NJ 6 NM 24 NV 12 NY 6 OH 3 OK 6 PA 9 SC 2 SD 3 TN 3 TX 14 UT 3 VA 4 WI 6 TOTAL 281

The majority of auto responses from the senators and governors declare that a personal reply will be sent to the sender if the individual’s name and address has been provided. Such is the case.

No responses from original senders have been forwarded to me as of this date. If any individual has received a response from the submission of a protest letter via please forward it to me by email if you wish to have it posted in a public forum. Individual identities of individuals will be held confidential as requested.

If positive identification of receipt has been made and if it can be verified after 60 days that the original sender has not received a reply from the appropriate official, such lack of action by the government official will be posted in a public forum. All efforts will be made to allow for sufficient time for response. Public posting of any responses that have been received is encouraged and it will be supported.

Public servants and government officials will be held accountable on the aerosol issue in a public fashion for their actions or inactions on a timely basis. It will be beneficial if all senders of original protest letters will make any responses received available for the public to evaluate.

Thank you.

Clifford E Carnicom



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