APR 07 :
Clifford E Carnicom
April 06 2001

The presence of abundant particulate matter in the atmosphere has again been confirmed by video documentation. These events have, in fact, been repeatedly duplicated since they were first recorded on video and presented on Jan 04 2001. A minimum of six sessions of video have been conducted for this purpose since that date, and each shows the presence of abundant and by all appearances, ionized particulate matter. See previous documentation on this subject. Note also that significant numbers of biological materials were subsequently identified under the microscope within atmospheric samples obtained the following day, April 08 2001.

isibility in southern Santa Fe area affected by
intensive aerosol operations on Apr 04 and Apr 05 2001.

These mountains are located approximately 25-40
miles distant from the point of observation.

A ‘clear’ sky is recorded at the time of
documentation of the particulate matter.

The position of the sun with respect to a
roof top at the time of the video segment.

Particulate matter as is able to captured on film.
Extensive matter exists beyond that recordable on video;
size, motion, lighting and magnification are all factors
which affect the ability to record the material on film.
The largest particles only are visible on these two lower still images.
Magnification approx. 40x.

Magnification approx. 40x.