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Posted on behalf of Mike Castle
Clifford E Carnicom
Mar 22 2002

June 23, 2001

A Proposed Law that will protect our unified atmosphere from artificial pollution, written by American

Proposition 65 Sky – A proposed Law that effectively bans and prohibits the spraying/deployment/dispensed or otherwise release into the atmosphere of the planets natural air column:

· Any organic chemical or inorganic chemical

· Any element of the Periodic Table

· Gases/Solids or Electromagnetic Wave

· Radio waves from Extreme Low Frequency (ELFs) through ultra high frequency including microwave energies traveling through the atmosphere and reflected back to the planet surface, land, water or artificial structure.

· Biological substances, viruses, pathogens, microbes or other life including bacterial forms, natural or genetically engineered.


Ceasing Aerial Chemical Treatment of the Unified Atmosphere/Stratosphere, within the earth’s gravity field. (CACTUS)


A vote by the U.S. Congress or Citizens of the United States of America, if passed, will prohibit the release of and effectively abate the raining back-to-earth’s surface, a “waste” chemical, biological material or electromagnetic waves.

Current law and International Treaty does NOT recognize chemicals, elements, biological materials or electromagnetic waves that fall to earth or are radiated into space and reflected by the earth’s ionosphere or orbiting/geostationary satellite, in a focused beam to a portion of the earth’s surface, land or water or atmospheric clouds or moisture vapor or a aerial object, craft or platform.
These “wastes” of chemical-biological or radiated/reflected energies are de-missions of hazardous and otherwise toxic materials, agents or radiations, therefore, are hazardous wastes, Characteristically, hazardous wastes and potentially lethal exposure to spatial radiated energies.

This Law is intended to interrupt and impede the “rain” of chemical, electromagnetic and biological pollutants falling back to the earth’s surface and declare a moratorium on Climate Changing Science, Global Warming Mitigation Aerial Scattering Operations, RF Dominance Mil/Ops RFMP/VTREPs, Mind Control ELF/ULF weapons, Psychotropic weapons, Viral Pathogenic vaccines aerially sprayed en-masse onto any segment of the human species or the environment, also included in these would be the drug Eradication Programs that are broadcast aerially including organic chemicals glyphosphate, triclopyr or genetically engineered microbes referred to as biocontrols/bioherbicides.

Chemical, electromagnetic or biological experimentation on Humans or the Environment or implementing Integrated Aircraft/Space Craft Navigational Systems that utilize high energy electromagnetic microwaves, Extreme Low Frequency (ELFs) or Ultra Low Frequency (ULFs) and the focused plasma technologies, until such time that exacting public and private scientific studies can prove the benefit(s) of any aerial/space deployment of any of these technologies with a clear and unbiased statement of the human health risks of each technology and an Environmental Impact Statement that cannot be modified with options or alternative selections under NEPA.

Human Health Risk Assessment conducted by either an independent or Governmental Agency would include a specific review process by Medical and Health Care Insurance Providers. This provision to the HHRA protocol seeks comments from the “Insurance Industry” on projected human medical and health impacts caused by the deployment of these technologies.


A provision in this proposed law that prohibits the usage of Presidential Executive Orders or military claims of National Security Issues as the fundamental reason(s) for deployment of aerial or space-based chemical, electromagnetic or biological “weapons” or security devices or experiments, or Climate Modifying Technologies, in which all assessment criteria is waived. Amendments of current laws, in view of National Security Issues or declarations that irrevocably mandates a full scope Human Health Assessment and full, all encompassing, Environmental Impact Statement(s) that have been properly conducted, filed with a minimum of the U.S. Congress oversight and found to have NO negative effects nor consequences on humans, critical organisms or the biosphere.

A mandate by this law that directs the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to construct and maintain regional facilities for the purposes of monitoring Electromagnetic Radiation Levels (EMRL) in or onto the populace of the United States. All frequencies and types of radiation are inclusive in this proposed law. Establishment of Maximum Radiation Exposure Limits (MREL) to humans (all age groups and races) and to critical organisms and the environment/biosphere.


Rules established for issuance of “EMR Alert Days” to alert citizens in a given region that the exposure to high EMR is probable. Educating the public to the risks and dangers associated with high EMR exposure and methodologies for mitigating, preventing and/or reducing the exposure potential. Clearly identified sources of direct and spatial EMR.

This proposed law should establish an original Standard for Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure (EMRE).

DRAFT prepared by R. Michael Castle