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Clifford E Carnicom
April 20 2001

Researchers may wish to begin investigating the papers presented on the following website representing the International Society for Optical Engineering located at:

This site has been referred to me by an independent researcher with the following comment, held as anonymous:

“Please take time to look into SEARAD, MODTRAN, and ABLEX. I believe if you research these on you will will find compelling info for chemtrails…Much mention of clouds in coordination with their new Air Borne Laser System… Thats all I can say as I am sure I too am watched for my activity in trying to get to the truth.”

Initial research within this site under the keywords mentioned demonstrates significant resources and efforts devoted toward aerosol modeling techniques, including the detection of particulates and biological components. Some papers of interest include:

Hazardous cloud imaging; a new way of using passive IR – Flanagan
Statistical models for the desert aerosol size distributions and comparison to MODTRAN modules – Dror
Accurate method for prediction of atmospheric transmission according to weather – Dror

Other researchers may wish to begin collecting and assessing the impact of the research programs that are well established and in place. The message board attached to this web site can be used for further dissemination of the information that is acquired. Researchers that are already familiar with these programs may wish to combine their efforts at that location.

My appreciation is extended to the individual for making this reference available for further investigation and evaluation.

Clifford E Carnicom
April 20 2001