MORGELLONS…  A Natural Medicine Approach

MORGELLONS… A Natural Medicine Approach

Ms. Scott outlines a natural outlook toward the toxins being found in our air, water, land, and food, and offers healthy ideas to help others who want to remain healthy in their lives. One of the things Ms. Scott discusses is ridding the body of toxins using products like diatomaceous earth, which is known to pull metals out of the digestive tract for elimination. Her experience with the Morgellon's condition has led her to understand that rather than seeing the sores common to those who are assumed to have Morgellon's 'disease' as symptoms of the disease itself, but should be seen as a healthy reaction of the body to rid the body of these elements that are believed to be sprayed from aircraft in the aerosol operations that have been observed by so many and so exhaustively researched by Clifford Carnicom. Ms. Scott continues with discussions about doctors who are working in the area of Morgellon's, and that it isn't seen as a disease per se, but rather as the polluting of our bodies with poisons, plastics, metals and salts believed to have been delivered in the aerosol programs. Important health regimens and caveats are included in Ms. Scott's article to keep us healthy and give us a sense that we are on track to understand what we are experiencing. A close relationship between us and our doctors is stressed, as is the idea that our overall health is critical to helping keep these invaders in our bodies at bay.