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Clifford E Carnicom
May 30 2001

The following is a list of conditions, observations and analyses which focus direct attention on barium and barium compounds within the investigation of the aerosol operations that are occurring without informed consent:

1. Aerosol is a salt crystal; absorbs moisture at low levels of relative humidity, i.e., hygroscopic.
2. Is expected to be soluble.
3. Reactive with water but not explosive.
4. Reacts with cold water.
5. Is alkaline in nature when combined with water.
6. Provides uniques spectrometry signature in the visible light range which are identified with a specific element.
7. Is ionizable as evidenced by particulate imagery.
8. Is colorless or white.
9. Electrolytic in nature; i.e., subject to disassociation of ions in water.
10. Microwave frequencies are subject to disruption with injection of particles into the atmosphere.
11. Has an estimated vapor pressure of approximately .0143torr at -50deg. C.
12.Historical interest and experimentation documented with use of element(s) in ionization and plasma physics.
13. Respiratory distress associated with ingestion into the respiratory tract.
14. Highly probable to involve a product of combustion.
15. Favorable conditions for aerosol dispersion include increased moisture content and higher relative temperature.

Analysis indicates, to my knowledge, that only one element (and associated compounds) satisfies each of the above conditions. That element is barium. In addition, these conditions are strongly identified with the following compounds of barium:

Barium carbonate, Barium Oxide, Barium hydroxide and Barium hydrate.

Barium Titanate is also under review due to the following property:

“…crystals of barium titanate, a material that can capture the pulses of certain electromagnetic frequencies in the way that a radio can pick up certain radio frequencies. When the crystal pulses, or resonates, it produces electric power.”
Source: A New Physics for a New Energy Source by Jeanne Manning

The need for chemical review of the properties and reactions of barium titanate remains.

Consideration will be extended equally to any other elements or group of compounds that are known to satisfy the above conditions. Any corrections to this information will be made as is appropriate.

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