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Clifford E Carnicom
July 24 2001

Photograph received by email 071001

Notes submitted by the sender:

“Hi Clifford. I’ve got another sprayplane for you to see. Both photos are of the same plane just a few seconds apart. The photos were taken on July 5 at approx. 9:00AM in Diamond Springs, CA. the plane approached from the South heading North. It sprayed for approx. 30 seconds, 10 seconds before I took the photo and about 20 seconds after. The trail that it left for that 30 seconds eventually turned into a high cirrus cloud that persisted for several hours. The relative humidity for sacramento at 300mb on July 5 was approx. 67%. Notice the white spray coming from the wings between the engines and the cabin.”

“I’m sending you the uncropped picture of the Megasprayer I sent you. I thought it might be helpful in determining altitude. I believe it is a Boeing 757 series 200 with an overall length of 155ft. 3in. The print is 4by6 inches and as you recall was shot with 1000 mm lens.”

Sprayplane #010706 copy
Photograph received by email 071001

Satellite Image Received by Email on 072401

Notes submitted by the sender:

“Hi Clifford. No sprayplanes over Sacramento since the 16th. They’ve been busy off the coast. Check it out.