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An Editorial

Clifford E Carnicom
Apr 20 2002
Edited Jun 06 2002
Edited May 18 2003

Additional Notes May 18 2003: 

Appreciation is extended to the Coast to Coast radio network and Ms. Barbara Simpson for extending an interview invitation and for conducting an open and unrestricted discussion on the aerosol issue on May 17, 2003.

Clifford E Carnicom,
May 18 2003

One of the primary responsibilities of the media is to distribute truthful and comprehensive information to the public on the important issues that are likely to affect our lives and welfare. In relation to the aerosol operations that continue to be conducted without citizen consent, there has been a wholesale failure of the national media organizations to fulfill that role with any level of dignity.

In the face of such a callous disregard for the welfare of the citizenry, one would hope that the so-called “alternative media” would serve as a champion to compensate for the needs of any deprived or manipulated audience. Isolated and limited examples of thorough and truthful disclosure through this alternative media have surfaced and they are entitled to their due praise. There remains, however, a tall order of deficiency that requires confrontation, exposure and accountability to serve the larger and more important goals of public awareness, knowledge and activism.

It has become apparent by now that I usually refrain from comments of a personal nature with respect to the aerosol operations. In contrast, this page is explicitly presented to the reader as an editorial comment, with the underlying motive to express concern and alarm at the failure of the last bastions of the free press and media to serve the public interest.

Nowhere is this deficiency of serving the public welfare more apparent than with the presentations on the aerosol operations that have been channeled through Mr. Art Bell, of the Coast to Coast nightly radio program. There is no doubt that Mr. Bell commands a significant influence over a large segment of the national radio audience, and it is further granted this influence has been rightly earned with tremendous effort, devotion and passion over a successful career of many years. It is also equally and painfully apparent that this influence has now been carefully managed to restrict a full, accurate and truthful discussion of the criminal and covert aerosol operations that remain active. Mr. Bell has characterized these same aerosol operations on a recent show as a “belief” by “thousands” of individuals across the country. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The criminal aerosol operations have nothing to do with any “belief” system; the knowledge painstakingly acquired over the last three years by a myriad of researchers and concerned citizens is factual, observable and subject to rigorous examination by all parties that seek the truth on that which is affecting their lives, health and welfare. To characterize carefully accumulated evidence of photography, videography, air filtration and rainfall samples, spectroscopy, meteorological studies, laboratory and chemical analyses, microscopy, aviation physics, direct methods of particulate observation, visibility studies, deteriorating air quality, insurance exclusions, drought considerations, electrolysis and chemical precipitation examinations, plasma physics and electromagnetic considerations, biological investigations, eyewitness testimony, fleeting congressional legislation, federal mortality and illness statistics, and the patent and documented failure of federal and state officials and organizations to adequately address the civil calls for investigation as a “belief” is disingenuous at best. The events now recorded as a part of our history are both physical and factual; to cloak the vast body of evidence now available to us all as a “belief” indicates manipulation, strategy, denial and speciousness. This is especially the case when exercised from the pulpit of public influence afforded by the widely broadcast Coast to Coast radio program. The careful restriction of information that is presented by Mr. Bell to the public for critical examination and review is lamentable and represents a disservice to the enterprise of a free media that is critical to our survival as a nation. Any long term emphasis upon entertainment over substance will eventually take its toll.

It is equally misrepresentative to tally the incensed and aware populace as numbering in the “thousands”. It is surely plain at this stage of the battle that awareness of the aerosol operations now involves a population base that likely encompasses millions. This progress exists despite the coordinated efforts to contain the flow of comprehensive information and organized efforts at a national level.

It is to be understood that I have no personal agenda or goal of fulfilling any engagement of presentation on the Coast to Coast network; I have the utmost respect for the right of managerial discretion and the privileges of the capitalist enterprise. I do not actively seek speaking engagements as it is not my forte; my work in all forms is to be offered as a public service. It is known that Mr. Bell is aware of research conducted by myself, and hopefully he is aware of work by others as well. I do, however, have difficulty with what appears to be an orchestrated effort over an extended period of time by Mr. Bell and the Coast to Coast network to carefully constrain and manage the flow and disclosure of important and consequential information on the aerosol operations to the public. I would encourage Mr. Bell to fulfill his larger responsibility to the public by incorporating a broader range of resources, contributions and discussion on the aerosol operations to his audience.

Any claims that have been made that only a single individual (journalist or otherwise) is responsible for the current status of knowledge on the aerosol operations are equally preposterous. Such statements are a discredit to many that labor on the public’s behalf. There are many individuals that have dedicated countless efforts to combat the criminal modification of our atmosphere that has been overtly (and covertly) implemented across this nation and globe for at least the past three years. Egos and the pleasures of a sensationalist debut on radio are to be sacrificed for the deeper requirements of the “inalienable rights” that are vested in this nation and its humanity.

It is recommended that this same audience that has paid Mr. Bell tribute for so many years now hold that same broadcaster to the level of responsibility that accompanies his role as a communicator. To maintain any level of respect as a promoter or agent of truthful disclosure, Mr. Bell is required to broaden his discussion of the aerosol operations to include the vast body of evidence and the subsequent refusals of investigation that have effected harm upon this nation and the physical well-being of this planet. This respect, from this researcher’s point of view, is on a path of demise based upon some of the discussions that have been foisted upon the public. Mr. Bell will continue to demonstrate his intentions through his future actions; hopefully each one of us can affect those actions in return. The audience and the nation deserves more than has been heard thus far.

Clifford E Carnicom
Authored at St. Francis Auditorium
with Moussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibition”
Santa Fe NM
April 20 2002
Edited Jun 06 2002