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Clifford E Carnicom
Mar 21 2003

Antenna Source : The Human Being
ELF Data Logged 032103 at approx. 2130.
X Axis : Observation No. (1 per second)
Y Axis : Frequency in Hz. 

An unusual experiment has been conducted today.  A human being (i.e., myself) has been used as the SOLE antenna for the Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) circuit which has been used for extensive experimentation during the past several months.  No other wires or antennas were used in this test, just the human body alone as the input to the ELF measurement device.

This test was performed to eliminate all other sources of interference which conceivably might affect the test results, such as computer equipment and power lines.  Some recent consideration has been given to the influence of a cathode ray tube monitor, and a laptop has been used to eliminate that concern.  The results of this test indicate conclusively the existence of ambient, geometric, and artificial ELF radiation in the environment.  The extent of this radiation is under additional testing, and due to the nature of the wavelengths involved it is expected to be far-ranging.  These frequencies are important in that they have known significant effects upon biology, health and mental functioning.

The presence of a completely artificial structure of multiples of 4Hz is evident in the data shown above.  Readers may also wish to become familiar with a recent paper entitled, The Earth is the Antenna, on this site which is relevant to this topic.  This test shows that the human body is an extremely effective receptor and resonator of these induced frequencies upon our bodies, minds and environment.

Until I have a chance to discuss the issue in more detail, it is recommended that all readers begin to research the topic of cyclotronic resonance, ELF and its effects upon human biology.  Please refer to Robert Becker’s, (M.D.) book entitled “Cross Currents” for a good introduction to this subject.

This test is an act of receiving ONLY and it was conducted as follows:

A point of minimum ohmic resistance was identified on the body using a digital ohmmeter.  Such a location was found to exist at the base of the skull behind the ear lobes. Two electrodes were connected to these locations.  No signal or current of any kind was introduced into the circuit; the human body in this case is acting only as a receptor and an antenna.  These electrodes from the base of the skull at a point of minimum electrical resistance were used as input to the ELF circuit that has been designed and developed.  No other antenna or wire of any kind was used for input to the circuit.  The gain of the circuit was adjusted with the potentiometers to the ELF range which governs the primary electromagnetic activity of the human brain.  The commercial audio amplifier final stage in the circuit was not used for this test. The frequencies that were received by the ‘antenna’ were subsequently amplified by the circuit and sent to a logging frequency meter.

The data that was captured is shown above.

Clifford E Carnicom
Mar 21 2003 

Additional Note Mar 22 2003:
This is the third occasion in which a sensed detrimental mental effect occurred after performing a related or similar experiment.  The magnitude of the effect relative to the time of exposure appeared to be the greatest during this most recent test.  The effect to this individual can be best described as including such symptoms as neural interruption, a level of disorientation and the onset of headaches.  Effects of duration appear to extend up to approximately 12-36 hrs.  Although entirely subjective in nature, readers are cautioned to be aware of this potential effect during these experiments.

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