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>I wanted to ask if you guys have already, or would be interested in
>investigating the mysterious chem trails that have been appearing in
our skies over the last 10 months, and getting to the bottom of just
exactly what it is that’s being released into the atmosphere, who is
responsible for it, and why no one is willing to take responsibility for it.
>These chemical trails are being sprayed out of high altitude aircraft
on a regular basis, and unlike the usual airline con trails, these criss
cross the skies, are thick, dense, and expand, fanning out into a sort of
wispy, cirrus type cloud that blankets the sky, and remains for upwards of an
>They can be seen frequently south of Shreveport (Louisiana) and
originate over the base (about 8 miles east of where I am)…yet when folks at
the base (Barksdale Air Force)have been asked, they *know nothing*, *have
no idea what it is we’re talking about*, and *never saw anything*. We as
>residents who observe this know better and don’t appreciate being
>stonewalled. It’s the BASE for god’s sakes. It’s not like they AREN’T
gonna know it when a large number of aircraft are in the skies over the base
and surrounding area spraying out miles of thick dense substances…upwards
of 15+ streaks at a time, criss crossing each other.
>I became aware of this in February this year. I watched the spraying
>continue for several months before it was brought to my attention that
this spraying is going on all over the country, always within 10 miles of an
air base, and speculation has it it’s either some kind of covert anthrax
>innoculation or some kind of weather manipulation nonsense.
>I was directed to a huge website concerning this stuff and was
mortified to see what I am seeing.
>( I believe is the url). This is bizarre. I
>thought it was just local but it isn’t. It’s all over the place, even
in other countries and it’s got a huge number of people alarmed…and
no one is talking about what it is, where it’s coming from or who’s doing it.
>Whatever it is, there IS some unknown chemical being released and it IS
>becoming more common, and there are scores of photos coming in from all
>over, as well as VIDEO FOOTAGE we personally took this passed Thrusday
>afternoon, Nov. 4th. for about an hour with this going on. Also have
photos from Feb/March this year.
>The folks at the base aren’t talking even tho it’s plainly obvious
they’re going to be aware of it.
>I have contacted the other local news stations and some other consumer
>organizations to bring this to light.
>WHAT is being sprayed?
>WHY is it being aprayed?
>WHO is responsible for it and WHY are they NOT copping to it?
>WHY is the public at large NOT being notified?
>Is this chemical toxic? Is it responsible for the increase in viral and
>upper respitory infections coming into local hospitals? Increasing
>complaints of headaches, hacking coughs and bodily aches?
>This is all happening within a day or two of the spraying, from many
folks who’d been outside during the times it was falling.
>Please contact me for more info, and if there’s any investigators there
who are actually willing to dig and not choke down convenient answers. This
>might effect all of us.
>I, and my neighbors, and a whole slew of other people want to know
what’s going on here.
>We need someone to look into this.
>Thanks for your time.
>I have video available for anyone interested.
>Stacey Thornton

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Thanks for sharing!
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