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microscopic 1

The views shown are microscopic views (approximately 40 – 60X) of filaments extracted from a sample taken from the ground after aerial spraying in eastern Oregon on Nov 2 and Nov 4 1999. Observation and analysis indicates that the material received appears to be a polymer of some type, which is both extremely elastic and adhesive. Due to these characteristics, it is possible that the material examined may act as a carrier mechanism. The material is white in color, and has to the naked eye an appearance similar to cobwebs or spider webs. Upon magnification, the individual strands are seen to be wave like, or ‘kinky’ in nature, and tend to coalesce and congeal very easily. It is difficult to isolate individual strands once they make contact with one another. In terms of scale, the material shown in these photographs easily fits within a circle the diameter of a pencil head eraser. Caution is advised in the handling of this material and in the preparation of samples, as ill health effects have been reported in association with it.

microscopic 2

This material is commonly reported to dissipate within a few hours of falling on the ground, and in being exposed to the weather. This particular sample was collected with q-tips, and enclosed in triple layers of zip-lock bags with most of the air removed.

microscopic 3

microscopic 4

microscopic 5

microscopic 6

On the 2nd of November I saw all those cobwebs I had never seen before and was wondering if it was from the aerosols. I had seen dozen of aerosols/day lately. There seemed to be 2 planes going nonstop all day long for days. More than ever before. I went home for q-tips and gloves and plastic bags to pick some. I picked from 1-2 dozen sagebrush bushes on one q-tip. It was around 4 pm. The next day I was considering to go out again but was just too tired to do that. I felt poisoned and waited till the next day and went out for some more at the same place. There was not much left by then. On the 2nd I saw those white cobwebs on the road, in the parking lot and also in my driveway and in the street outside my house and on my house and fence and in my backyard. It was flying around “everywhere” when I went outside . Even my little pet frog was hiding and I was concerned he was sick too. My 13 year old German Shepherd had a plugged up nose. Several people were coming down with respiratory problems. Last winter we hardly saw the sun all winter because of aerosols. This is High Desert where we normally have a blue sky. The aerosols last winter were grey. Now they seem to be white. There is a difference in color. We are a handful of people here who listen to Art Bell and keep an eye on the sky. Last winter a lot of people had severe respiratory problems and burning eyes and tiredness which we believe has to do with these aerosols. Some were even coughing up blood. We are a few people here who have started working with nature spirits and the Devas to neutralize and transmute the effects of the aerosols so they will not make us sick any more and we are feeling better after that. We are hoping it is going to work and protect us in the future?????we’ll see..”

spider 1 spider 2
These are two microphotographs of spider webs taken under similar circumstances with the same microscope at the same level of magnification, approximately 60x. It can be asserted that the six photographs above these two are not spider webs. The aerosol substance appears to be fully synthetic. The spider webs analyzed and shown here are in no way commensurate with that found and shown on the six photograph set above. The spider webs are more straight and fibrous in nature, and are not elastic or adhesive to the level of the ground material shown. These analyses, along with the environmental conditions under which each sample was obtained, clearly distinguish the character and origin of each sample.
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