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Posted on behalf of the Chemtrail Tracking USA
Message Board
Clifford E Carnicom
Sep 04 2001


Citizens are urged to devote increased attention to the anomalous radar images that have been monitored and reported in conjunction with the aerosol operations that are in progress over this nation and the globe. This particular image is representative of those that have been observed by various researchers during the past several years. Special credit is given to the Chemtrail Tracking USA message board and its participants for their alert vigilance in monitoring and reporting on this phenomenon. These observations remain inadequately explained to this date. This image is in animated form, and adequate time for downloading is to be allowed (225K). The radar image map shows a extensive circular and stationary return just southeast of Las Vegas NM. Appreciation is extended to the members of the Chemtrail Tracking USA board as well as others for their continued attentiveness on this aspect of the aerosol operations research. A complete examination and analysis of these events remains a need.