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Posted on behalf of The Durango Herald
CE Carnicom
Dec 07 2002


Additional Notes:

1. Clifford E Carnicom presented extensive evidence of the aerosol operations to the Durango CO community on Nov 16, 2002. As of the date posted, there is no knowledge or record of Judith Reynolds of the Durango Herald having attended that presentation.

2. No references to astrobiology were made by Clifford E Carnicom during this presentation.  There is, however, at this time a single documented link between astrobiology and the aerosol operations; this is that the United States Air Force has lied to the American public on both accounts. Ms. Judith Reynolds would be well advised to become familiar with the labors and interests of the taxpayer funded NASA Ames Research Center, one of the early documented visitors to this research site.  That compilation can be viewed at the page entitled a List of Visitors. The inclusion of the astrobiology topic within this sketch is viewed as a primitive diversionary tactic that arises from ignorance and the lack of attendance.  The lack of discussion of astrobiology at the Nov 16 Durango presentation does not preclude further and future considerations of this topic should the data warrant it.

3. Ms. Judith Reynolds, along with other unattendees that have made their comments known, will be given the opportunity to publicly substantiate their use of cliches and their own scientific findings on the criminal aerosol operations in the near future.

4. Citizens may wish to make further contact with the Durango Herald of CO, as responses are welcome as stated at the bottom of “Reynold’s View” 

Clifford E Carnicom
Dec 07 2002

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