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Note: This letter was posted on the message board on May 26, 1999:

Recent LETTER TO SENATOR Ben Nighthorse Campbell was RETURNED TO
Wednesday, 26-May-1999 23:41:01 writes:

May 26, 1999

I e-mailed a message, outlining my concerns about the Chemtrail Issue, to Senator
Campbell on April 19, 1999. That message was never answered.

On May 15, 1999, I sent three certified letters, one to Senator Ben Nighthorse
Campbell and courtesy copies of the same letter to Senator Wayne Allard and
Representative Mark Udall. Preliminary results are as follows:

1. Senator Campbell refused the letter and it was returned to sender.
2. An agent for Representative Mark Udall accepted and signed a receipt for his letter
on May 18, 1999.
3. No word yet on the letter sent to Senator Wayne Allard.