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DNA Isolated

Clifford E Carnicom
January 24 2014


DNA has been successfully isolated from cultures that have been developed. The samples are based upon the cross-domain bacteria isolation methods referred to previously.  The tests have been repeated on numerous occasions with identical positive results.  The methods use classical methods of DNA extraction.  These methods involve the mechanical or chemical decomposition of the original biological material and the use of salt, ice, detergents, enzymes and ethanol.

dna in ethanol

The material at the upper portion of the test tube shown, in ethanol, is DNA extracted from a culture based upon oral filaments in association with the so-called “Morgellons” condition.

dna oral filament

Second sample test of DNA isolated from oral filament culture.

collected dna

Collected DNA from several cross-domain bacteria culture sample runs.

onion dna

Control photograph of the DNA isolation process with onion.  Identical results of DNA production with the same chemical techniques involving breakdown of original biological material, use of salt, detergents, enzymes and ethanol.  A more dense layer of DNA material is visible immediately above the alcohol-onion solution interface.  DNA separates with this process, as shown, into the alcohol layer at the top of the test tube.