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Clifford E Carnicom
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Dec 20 2004
Edited Jan 06 2011
Last edit Feb 22 2016

Note: The documentary is now fully available for viewing on YouTube

Full downloads are available via the bittorrent network.

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All of the information provided below this line might be outdated and is provided for archival and historical purposes.

The First Edition of the not-for-profit documentary, entitled “Aerosol Crimes (aka Chemtrails)” by Clifford E Carnicom, is now available. The First Edition supersedes and replaces the preview edition that was available throughout 2004. It is requested that all distribution efforts be directed toward obtaining and distributing the First Edition as soon as is practicable. The broadest distribution of the documentary on a global basis is invited and encouraged.

The documentary is now in the public domain and due to costs I am unable, with apologies, to provide copies to the general public.

Active distributors are entitled to receive a copy of the First Edition. Please contact me at [] when and if you wish to be placed on the distributor list for the First Edition. The preview edition distributor listing has been phased out.

Preview Opening Segment


The conditions for release of the First Edition remain as previously stated. There is not to be any profit motive associated with the release of this documentary. This documentary is made available to the public under the following conditions:

1. The documentary may be copied in its entirety and freely distributed.

2. No individual may distribute the documentary with a profit motive.

3. Any one who assists with distribution is entitled to reasonable compensation of expenses for reproduction, packaging and shipping of the documentary.


The format is currently DVD and it is 1 hour and 40 minutes long. VHS versions will be made available from various distributors.

Any distributor listing does not imply endorsement of that group or individual. I seek to be advised of anyone involved in distribution efforts that are in violation of the distribution conditions.

My gratitude is extended to all those that have contributed, and that continue to contribute in any way toward the distribution of this documentary.

Clifford E Carnicom




Those wishing to assist in the distribution of the documentary may also acquire a copy from a torrent link on the list above. The documentary is now in the public domain and due to costs I may be unable to provide additional copies to prospective distributors.

If you are a prospective distributor and now are able to reproduce and distribute the documentary, please contact me at []; if you can provide additional contact information please feel free to do so. If you wish to be listed as an active distributor, please contact me at []. Thank you. All citizens are welcome to participate, and much appreciation is extended to those that choose to assist in this effort.

Note : No permission has been granted to any distributor or individual
to release or distribute an edited Preview Version or an edited First Edition. CEC 12/20/04