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Mar 10 2002

By coincidence, I was listening to an archive of your 2/4/02 appearance on the Jeff Rense program at the same time as I was reading the latest list of exclusions from my insurance company, to my Homeowner’s policy.

At one point you mentioned that you had sent a sample to EPA to analyze, and they sent it back saying they couldn’t take the time to analyze it because they had not requested it from you. ??? Jeff mentioned it was a good thing it wasn’t Anthrax.

But, what I’m writing to offer is that you are having trouble getting any official source of pollution data. If you’ll look at the two attachments, One is the annoucement of a new “pollution exclusion” attachment to my policy since it is a “growing problem… from dispersal” etc. The second page is the official endorsement that says they will not now cover any pollution related loss to the policyholder. Of interest to Jeff is the announcement on the same page of an additional exclusion for liability for any “communicable disease” loss or lawsuit. I don’t know if there is a disease component to what they are spraying, but maybe it is a coincidence the insurance companies now know enough to exclude any losses from the two suspected components of Chemtrails!

Anyway, Clifford, my insurance company included an 800 number for any questions on the two new exclusions, and I thought you may be able to get the data, or a lead to the data they used to indicate they should CYA forthwith!

Regards, and I hope they can help.

Donald Hart, Indianapolis



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