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Posted on behalf of the researcher
on Feb 18 2002

Hi Clifford.

I’m sending you photos which I believe illustrate visually an approximation of the amount of metals in the local rainwater. I’ve been making my own colloidal silver for some time now and I know the process I use produces a Colloidal silver solution of 5 to 8 parts per million.

In the photos, I used a laser beam to illuminate the particles of metal in the different solutions . Colloidal silver, rain water, tap water, and distilled water. The brighter the beam, the more metals in the water. As you can see, the beam going through rainwater was similar to the colloidal silver in brightness.

Even though this study does not present a series of concentration measurements, I thought it was a way to show the amount of metals in rainwater. The photos were all shot with the same exposure. Four seconds at f/4, ASA 800 film with a Nikon fm2, 105 macro lense.

Very truly yours,
Pat Dollins