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Mustard Seed Germination: Initial Report


Clifford E Carnicom
Sep 20 2017


A series of biological experiments and trials that involve the application of an isolated protein to various growth processes has commenced. This protein is described in greater detail in the paper entitled, Morgellons: Unique Protein Isolated and Characterized (Aug 2017). This protein is derived from the microorganism tentatively identified as a ‘cross-domain bacteria’ (CDB) as described more extensively on this site.

The purpose of the current trial is to explore the impact of the protein upon various plant germinations. A series of germinations is underway; the current report is limited to the advanced germination of mustard seeds within a 48 hour period. The protein solution applied to the seeds is 2% concentration by weight. Control solutions with the use of water alone are conducted in parallel for comparison.

The result of this experiment, at this early stage, is that germination of the seeds is delayed or impeded by the application of the protein solution. This suggests that the early growth of this particular plant is negatively impacted with the inclusion of this protein as a (potential) nutrient source.

The overwhelming majority of the mustard seeds subjected to the protein have not germinated during this brief time period. An optimistic selection of seeds that have been subjected to the protein are shown below; they demonstrate that sprouting to some degree is possible during this same 48 hour period.

The vast majority of the control seeds (i.e., water alone) have germinated normally and they appear to be healthy at this point.


Mustard Seed 48 HRS-0002.jpg Mustard Seed 48 HRS-0001.jpg

Mustard seeds germinated in control water nutrient solution (alone). 48 hour germination period.
Germination appears to be normal at this stage.
Magnification approx. 20x


Mustard Seed 48 HRS-0003.jpg Mustard Seed 48 HRS-0004.jpg

Mustard seeds germinated in 2% (by weight) protein solution. 48 hour germination period.
The delay and stunting of the germination process is evident. The vast majority of mustard seeds subjected to the protein solution show no visible germination at the end of the 48 hour period. Variation in the surface texture of the seeds in comparison to that of the controls is also apparent.  Magnification approx. 20x.


The growth process of this seed trial, along with that of other seed types, will continue to be monitored.


Clifford E Carnicom
Sep 20 2017

Born Clifford Bruce Stewart
Jan 19 1953