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Yeast Deformation: Initial Report


Clifford E Carnicom
Sep 22 2017


A yeast culture that has been subjected to an isolated protein is under study. This protein is described in greater detail in the paper entitled, Morgellons: Unique Protein Isolated and Characterized (Aug 2017). This protein is derived from the microorganism tentatively identified as a ‘cross-domain bacteria’ (CDB) as described more extensively on this site.

The purpose of the project is to explore the impact of the protein upon more rudimentary life forms; in this case, a fungus. The protein concentration solution applied to the yeast culture is 0.5% by weight. Control solutions with the use of water and sucrose alone are conducted in parallel for comparison.

The result of this experiment, at this early stage, is that a cellular deformation or alteration of significant proportion has taken place. This suggests that the early growth of this particular fungus is modified in a significant fashion with the inclusion of this protein in the nutrient medium. The act of mutation must be considered as a distinct possibility in this case.

The change occurs primarily upon a surface layer that forms within the culture; this same layer does not develop within the control culture of water and sucrose alone. The act of change is a division process that appears to frequently “join” cells into doublets or triplets, as opposed to a full bud spherical division as expected.


control_01.jpg control_02.jpg

Control growth yeast cells in sucrose and water solution. 72 hour growth period. Cells are generally circular in shape and symmetric. Normal budding and division reproduction process. The appearance of the culture is normal and stable. Magnification approx. 5000x.


protein_01.jpg protein_02.jpg
Yeast culture subjected to water, sucrose, and specific protein solution. The isolation of the protein is described further within the research of this site. Concentration of the protein is 0.5% by weight. 72 hour growth period. Unusual growth alterations are evident. Doublet and triplet cell formation appears to be common within the population. Magnification approx. 5000x.


The growth process of the yeast culture will continue to be monitored.

Clifford E Carnicom
Sep 22 2017

Born Clifford Bruce Stewart
Jan 19 1953