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Mustard Seed Report: Growth Terminated


Clifford E Carnicom
Sep 24 2017

The growth of mustard seeds that have been subjected to a specific and isolated protein for one week is now complete This protein is described in greater detail in the paper entitled, Morgellons: Unique Protein Isolated and Characterized (Aug 2017). This protein is derived from the microorganism tentatively identified as a ‘cross-domain bacteria’ (CDB) as described more extensively on this site.

The concentration of the protein solution that was applied to the seeds is 2% by weight. Control solutions with the use of water alone are conducted in parallel for comparison.

The result of this experiment is that germination and growth from the seeds is essentially terminated by the presence of this protein at this concentration level. The control seeds have germinated and flourished normally. Additional trials with a lower concentration of the protein in solution are planned.

Photographs that demonstrate the condition of growth in both cases are shown below:


Control_01.jpg Control_02.jpg

Mustard seeds germinated in control water nutrient solution (alone). One week growth period.
Healthy and flourishing growth is evident. Centimeter rule on left photograph; magnification on right photograph approx. 10x.


Protein_01.jpg Protein_02.jpg

Mustard seeds subjected to 2% (by weight) protein and water solution. One week growth period.
The termination of the growth process is evident. The early stages of germination can be observed in isolated cases. The vast majority of mustard seeds subjected to the protein solution show no visible germination at the end of the one week period. Centimeter rule on left photograph; magnification on right photograph approx. 10x.


This report suggests that the agricultural, biological and health impacts from this particular protein may be highly significant and detrimental. Additional tests underway support this concern.


Clifford E Carnicom
Sep 24 2017

Born Clifford Bruce Stewart
Jan 19 1953