This letter was recently received by a Ohio citizen:

From: Tracy Freeman, Tracy.Freeman@epa.state.oh.us
To: xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tuesday, November 30, 1999 2:58:21 p.m.
Subject: Complaint regarding Contrail/Chemtrails

Dear xxxxxxx:

Thank you for contacting Ohio EPA. I have been asked to respond to your Email and I hope the following information will explain Ohio EPA’s designated authority per state law.

Ohio EPA has been given the authority by the legislature to implement laws and regulations regarding air and water quality standards; solid, hazardous and infectious waste disposal standards, supervision of sewage treatment and public drinking water supplies and cleanup of unregulated hazardous waste sites.

However, our authority is over those facilities and companies in Ohio that generate waste materials, emit pollutants or discharge wastewater into waters of the state. Such facilities must apply for and obtain appropriate permits before operating any equipment that may emit these materials. Ohio EPA does not have regulatory authority over aircraft, aircraft emissions or the situations you describe.

If you have health concerns, you may wish to contact the Columbus Health Department at 614-645-8191. The Ohio Department of Agriculture does regulate the application of pesticides and herbicides which are sometimes applied on agricultural fields through low-flying aircraft. At this time, however, Ohio EPA does not have the legal authority, resources or documentation to investigate this matter.

While we are unable to complete an investigation into all the claims expressed in your original Email, we do appreciate your concern over the environment. If you have any other specific environmental questions, please contact me at 614-644-2160.


Tracy Freeman
Public Information Coordinator
Public Interest Center