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Aug 19 2002
Edited Jan 06 200
Edited May 02 2003
Clifford E Carnicom

May 02 2003 Notes:

Updated graphic of estimated search region, magnitude and distance posted below.


Jan 06 2003 Additional Notes:

The following orbital elements are presented to the public and fellow researchers as a model that can be used to investigate the prospect of an intruding celestial body.  This model is the result of considerable analysis of historical and current information on the Planet X issue. The model will be revised should observational data or additional information become available.




Pericentre distance

2.8100000 AU

Ascending Node

70.2958580 degrees

Argument of Perigee

337.4041420 degrees


146.2000000 degrees

Pericentre Time

2453993.5000000 Julian

Elements Epoch

2451545.0000 Julian


Projected Search Location on 01-10-03 at 0550 CST from Santa Fe NM
Approx Search Location : 33 South Declination, Right Ascension 14h 15m.
Estimated Magnitude 8.2
Estimated Distance from Earth 11.5AU 

Projected Search Location on 05-02-03 at 2330 MST from Santa Fe NM
APPROXIMATE Search Location : 35 South Declination, Right Ascension 13h 36m.
Estimated Magnitude 7.5
Estimated Distance from Earth 9.5 AU  


One of the more serious questions affecting the visibility of the “tenth planet” issue is the question, “Where should we be looking”? The proposed existence of any incoming celestial body takes on a practical significance when it or its effects upon the solar system can be observed directly. A very challenging problem is to develop an orbital model that will describe the expected or anticipated physical location of such a body within our solar system in the absence of direct observations. No verifiable observations of any such body are available to the public, notwithstanding any such claims to the contrary that may be popularly circulated. In addition, certain coordinates of right ascension and declination claimed to be positive locations have been found by this researcher at this time to have no factual, logical or mathematical basis behind them.

The following conditions to be imposed upon a developed orbital model originate from the synthesis of several sources, including certain technical papers by Robert Harrington, US Naval Observatory, Zecharia Sitchin and historic Babylonian observations recorded by Sitchin as well as in The History of Astronomy, by A. Pannekoek 1961. Any data without some reasonable basis in fact or logic are excluded from this orbital model development.

The presumed conditions are now listed as:

1. Inclination approximately 30 degrees to plane of the ecliptic.

2. Orbit is retrograde.

3. Period of orbit approximately 3600 years.

4. Perihelion of orbit expected to be in the vicinity of the asteroid belt (e.g. 2.18AU)

5. Celestial body approaching from the direction of the constellation Sagittarius in approximately 1518BC.

6. Perihelion of orbit in the direction of Cancer in approximately 1518BC.

7. Celestial body approaching from the direction of the constellation Libra in approximately 2000AD.

8. Celestial body in the approximate region of Centaurus in approximately 1998-1991.

9. Celestial body in opposition in April in 1991.

10. Magnitude of celestial body approximately 14 in 1998.

11. Celestial body to satisfy the following record reported by R. Campbell Thompson in Reports of the the Magicians and Astronomers of Nineveh and Babylon, as recorded by Z. Sitchin in Genesis Revisited 1990 and the same observation recorded in A History of Astronomy by A. Pannonoek 1961:

“When from the station of Jupiter
the Planet passes toward the west,
there will be a time of dwelling in security….
When from the station of Jupiter
the Planet increases in brilliance
and in the Zodiac of Cancer will become Nibiru,
Akkad will overflow with plenty.”

A set of orbital elements that satisfy the above conditions with reasonable consistency has been presented above. The advantage of an orbital model is that it will serve as a basis to project locations in the heavens to conduct observation efforts that have some basis in fact, logic and history.