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Carnicom Foundation Proposal & Summary

Carnicom Institute is seeking to establish a non-profit educational foundation by the name of Carnicom Foundation. Carnicom Foundation will carry the legacy of Carnicom Institute research forward to serve the public environmental and health interests for current and future generations.

Carnicom Institute is expressly appealing to the philanthropic members of society who have a humanitarian commitment to the environment and to the welfare, rights, and health of the world population.

Funding campaigns have been established to initiate the creation of the Carnicom Foundation. The individual description for each campaign is available on this website.

The existing core campaign fund list is shown immediately below.

Existing Campaign Funds:

DNA & Protein Laboratory Analysis Fund

Website & Internet Systems Fund

Research Custody & Protection Fund

Carnicom Foundation Legal Fund

Community Health Professional Network Fund

The Story of Carnicom Institute – Book Fund

Professional Recruitment Fund

Print & Digital Library Fund

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Fund


Core Funding Estimate Total ~$300K


Numerous additional or expanded aspects of the proposed Carnicom Foundation will need to be developed to fulfill the mission of Carnicom Foundation. The list below will outline some of these important needs.

Therefore, in summary and in brief, the list is as follows:

Foundation Education & Research Facility:

Building Facility

Public Liaison/Secretary Staffing

External Research Coordination

Contract Laboratory Services

In-House Research Staff

Community Health Professional Network Development

Health & Medical Advocacy (e.g., clinical trials, animal trials)

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Restoration

Intellectual Property Division

Prospective Commercial Developments

Expansion of Health & Environmental Research Scope

Fund Raising Services

Marketing Division

Conference Division

Accounting Services

Legal Representation

Digital & Print Library Services

Abstract Authoring & Indexing of Research Materials

Documentary Development

Preservation & Protection of Additional Studies (e.g., mathematical intellectual property)


It is not essential to outline the budget for this expansion at this time; the resources required are obviously significant.

If you have an interest in supporting any aspect of Carnicom Institute and the future Carnicom Foundation, please contact us at

You mail also contact CI by mail at:

Carnicom Institute
PO Box 1224
Monticello, UT 84535

With best regards,

Clifford E Carnicom
President, Carnicom Institute



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