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Carnicom Institute Newsletter

January – March 2019

The winter months found Clifford and Carol mostly in Arizona with the research continuing in the mobile lab. Identification and analysis of the components of an important protein was the main research topic. The findings here require that more substantial and sophisticated resources be devoted to the further development of the work.

Mobile Lab

Another primary focus these past months has been the development of a professional funding platform in conjunction with planning a transition from the research based Carnicom Institute toward the proposed long-term educational Carnicom Foundation.


Carnicom Institute is now seeking to establish a non-profit educational Foundation: Carnicom Foundation. Carnicom Foundation will carry the legacy of Carnicom Institute research forward to serve the public environmental and health interests for current and future generations.

Funding campaigns have been established to initiate the creation of the Carnicom Foundation. These campaigns are presented to outline the general direction and vision of Carnicom Institute and the proposed Foundation.

The core campaign fund list is shown below. A more detailed description for each campaign is available on the website under the SUPPORT US button at the bottom right hand corner of every page. A summary of the proposed foundation can be found on the website here:


Existing Campaigns:

Carnicom Foundation Formation Legal Fund:

Carnicom Institute intends to establish an educational Foundation to serve the long-term projected interests of Carnicom Institute and the public. The creation of the Carnicom Foundation is an encompassing project that portends significant benefits for the public, both to preserve and share research to date as well as further the research. Initial funding is required for the creation of the legal entity, Carnicom Foundation, as a non-profit educational Foundation.


DNA & Protein Laboratory Analysis Fund:

Carnicom Institute is seeking funding for the professional laboratory analysis of fundamental bio-molecules that have been isolated from the unique microbiology that is known, from this organization’s position, to be causal to the Morgellon’s health condition.


Website & Internet Systems Fund:

The Carnicom Institute website is the foundation and platform for access by the public to all research developed by CI over the last two decades. Its development, maintenance, and promotion are indispensable to the future of this organization and the prospective Carnicom Foundation.


Research Custody & Protection Fund:

Carnicom Institute (i.e., future Carnicom Foundation) requires a secure storage location for the long-term protection of research materials and intellectual property developed over the last two decades. This work will be especially important in the development of the Carnicom Foundation and the goals it is to serve in future decades.



 The Story of Carnicom Institute – Book Fund:

CI is seeking funding for the creation of the book Carnicom Institute:Research for the Benefit of Humanity.This book will tell the story of Carnicom Institute:its history spanning more than 20 years, the current state of affairs, and the future considerations before us.


 Professional Recruitment Fund:

Carnicom Institute (i.e., future Foundation) is seeking funding for the recruitment of professional staffed positions. CI intends to enlist professional employment recruitment agencies immediately for certain critical positions.


Print & Digital Library Fund:

Carnicom Institute requires that the research materials and intellectual properties that have been developed over the last two decades be incorporated into a publicly accessible library under the administration of the Foundation.


 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Fund:

An NMR instrument in the custody of Carnicom Institute (i.e., future Carnicom Foundation) represents the next logical progression of important and critical information that serves the public interest.



We especially encourage you to look at and participate in the Friends of Carnicom Institute campaign, which is devoted to the grass-roots support of the research by Carnicom Institute. You can become a Friend by clicking the Donate box within the Friends of Carnicom Institute campaign; any donation amount is appreciated. You can also become a Friend by clicking on the Become a Fundraiser box; no financial contribution is required. When you create a page with your testimony and recommendations, sharing it on social media gives others the opportunity to support the work of Carnicom Institute.



Carnicom Institute is announcing and inviting you to attend an event of interest to those concerned about the environment. This event is being held Santa Fe, New Mexico, April 27 & 28, 2019.



Clifford and researcher Elana Freeland will be speaking at this event, discussing the pressing topics of geoengineering, bioengineering, and the effects of EMF upon our health and the health of the planet.




Due to the censorship, propaganda, and surveillance by both Google and Facebook, Carnicom Institute is departing in protest from these platforms to alternative venues that openly advocate free expression and disclosure of information. You may find these separation statements on the CI YouTube and Facebook pages.

The media content of CI is now to be found at:

The social content of CI is now to be found at:

Carnicom Institute condemns the levels of infringement and intrusion that are in place at both YouTube and Facebook.



In addition to the Carnicom Foundation Proposal, donors are encouraged to visit either the Friends of Carnicom Institute campaign or the Donate Now campaign. Please communicate the importance of the work of CI to your friends and peers to help us increase our subscriber base.

Your investment in Carnicom Institute is an investment in humanity’s future.


We at Carnicom Institute thank you for your interest in and your support of the work of CI relating to the environmental and health issues of our times. We wish you the best of health and a return to true blue skies and rain where it is needed.

Clifford Carnicom, President
Carol Carnicom, Vice-President
KR Tejeda, Associate Director & Webmaster
Carnicom Institute