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ELF AT 10,500 FEET
Clifford E Carnicom
Feb 08 2003

ELF AT 10,500 FEET
Y Axis is Measured Frequency in Hz (12, 24, 36…).
X Axis is Observation Number (One observation per sec; Total of 811observations)
Data collected on Feb 082003 at approx. 1400 -10,500 ft. elev., Aspen Peak, NM 

The presence of geometric forms of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) waves have again been detected at a separate location in the southwestern United States.  This recent test has been conducted in the upper regions of Aspen Peak at an elevation of approximately 10,500 feet. The location chosen was again free of any signals from the 60Hz power line infrastructure.  The waves have again been detected primarily at multiples of 4Hz, with the vast majority between a range 4 to 56 Hz.  This range corresponds to the primary frequency range of the human brain.  The graph again shows stepped frequencies in Hz on the Y axis of the graph (12, 24, 36, etc.) and the observation number (180, 360, etc.) recorded at a one second interval for a total of 811observations.  This test has used a human antenna in parallel with the inductor as has been described earlier. The artificial design inherent within the data is again evident.

A total of three separate locations have now produced similar test results.  Two of these tests have been conducted in relatively remote portions of the country.  It will be helpful if the methods described on these pages will be repeated in other locations for verification and so that the extent of these emissions can be established.  Separation from the influence of any 60Hz power signals will be beneficial with any tests that are conducted. The gain of the circuit can be regulated with the two potentiometers that have been built into the circuit.  Readers may wish to view the other reference pages on this site that describe similar tests in greater detail.  Health effects remain a paramount concern.

Additional tests in other geographic locations will be made as circumstances permit.  Serious investigators who are interested in contributing to the state of knowledge on this issue are welcome to contact me at  All inquiries will be evaluated, however, responses can only be provided as time and circumstances permit. Those investigators who follow all procedures listed on this site in detail and remain with questions will receive priority with any responses. Modifications and improvements to the circuit design are invited and welcome. Please also refer to one of several earlier reports on this subject.

Clifford E Carnicom
Feb 08 2003

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