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Mar 08 2001

Clifford E Carnicom


A statement by a Mr. Patrick Minnis follows at the end of this page.


Let it be known for the record that:


Any statements, implications, or insinuations made by any individuals, including a Mr. Patrick Minnis, that I have received monetary compensation for personal gain for participation in any video documentary projects are PATENTLY FALSE and are herein refuted. Monetary compensation for personal gain is excluded as a factor in any research that I have conducted, am conducting, or will continue to conduct on the aerosol operations that are occurring without informed consent.”


Those that wish to research this issue may wish to contact the publisher of any video or informational sources that are referred to. In addition, let it be known that I specifically did request that a written statement of non-compensation be included within the recent documentary that is most likely being referred to. I have not produced any videos to date, but I have contributed information to various sources for the public welfare.


Clifford E Carnicom
Mar 08 2001



The following is an excerpt from a recent relayed posting on the Jeff Rense internet site. The link to this page is entitled “Nasa Scientist Quoted in USA Today Talks About Chemtrails”.

“Date 2-28-01 From: Patrick Minnis <
Subject: Jet aerosol spraying CC:

Dear xxx,

Your email, copied below, was forwarded to me because I
conduct research on contrails. I am sorry to see that you have
been misinformed about the nature of contrails. Unfortunately,
there is an ample supply of people who are ready to spread
rumors and propaganda to upset people simply to draw
attention to themselves or to make a buck (e.g., Carnicom
. Because the origin of the secret plots promoted by
these people is the government, it is automatically impossible
for anyone from the government to refute the accusations.”