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Clifford E Carnicom
Santa Fe, NM
Apr 13 2003

FROM 30Hz TO 30KHz)

Credit to: Weapons of Total Destruction Site

Magnetometer Pulse Data Logged 040503 at approx. 0845-2210
X Axis : Observation No. (1 per minute)
Y Axis : Volts   

VLF Pulse Data Logged 040503 at approx. 1207-1225
X Axis : Observation No. (1 per second)
Y Axis : Frequency in KHz.  

There appears to be an increasingly obvious connection between the existence of aerosol banks close to ground level , the existence of extreme variations in local magnetic field intensity and the existence of highly pulsed VLF data.  April 5 at this location was unusual in the sense that aerosol banks of great extent had dropped closer to ground elevation.  Visibility  was obscured to a level of approximately 15 miles, even amidst what might be characterized as a “sunny” day.  The level of particulate concentration in the atmosphere is now high enough that the direct presence of aircraft at the time of the banks is not a requirement.  The appearance of high winds that accompany such aerosol banks is also a common phenomenon.  Thermal instabilities caused by magnetic variations within a plasma is also a topic worthy of further discussion. Please also refer to the interest expressed in the topic of ‘precipitation of particulates’ using ELF-VLF within the HAARP Executive Summary.

The extreme anomalous magnetic and VLF data occurred throughout most of the day on April 5, 2003 in direct connection with these lowered aerosol banks and increased winds.  The magnetic data above is collected at an interval of one minute; the VLF sample pulse data shown was collected at an interval of one second.

It requires extensive periods of logging data to isolate these events.  The presence of lowered aerosol banks appears to be increasingly important toward the capture of this data. There is an increasing likelihood that the existence of these pulses is associated with sunlight.  The role of ionization with respect to the aerosol operations is to be strongly considered in the evaluation of this topic; please refer to other papers on the work function of candidate elements that exist on this site. Barium is capable of ionization with the energy available from sunlight (photoionization).  Such pulses have yet to be captured under periods of darkness or extensive cloud cover, and it appears to be increasingly unlikely.  The use of harmonics is also of increasing interest in the evaluation of the data.  The topics of atmospheric conductivity and Alfven wave generation are being revisited.  There is also an interest in the report of a diurnal variation in high energy cosmic radiation.  Human biological effects correlated with the timing of ELF-VLF pulses are also under observation. A re-evaluation of of the plasma frequency  and electron density calculations are also in place.

Aerosol operations were extensive to the south and west of this location on April 5, and aerosol banks were broadly visible in this those same directions.  For those that remain ignorant or unaware, the state of visibility on this planet is now in a state of perpetual degradation as a result of the aerosol operations. Education and activism on the health and environmental aspects of this physical modification of the planet should be of “concern” to all.

The VLF data set has been collected with the ELF-VLF circuit and directional loop antenna that is detailed on this site.  The normal to the plane of the loop antenna is aligned with magnetic north as has also been discussed on this site.

The magnetometer data has been captured with an electronic-digital version of the analog magnetometer that is described on this set. It appears to be quite sensitive to local magnetic field variations. The basic additions to the analog version (shown on this site) include the addition of a metal probe pointer as a flux concentrator, the use of a hall sensor (A3515) which is sensitive to magnetic variations and the use of a logging digital multimeter.  The details of this device will need to be made available to other researchers as time permits. A clear and strong diurnal variation is also apparent in the data that has been collected for some time, and this also is a topic of investigation.

This magnetic data set now represents the second time that extreme variations in both magnetic and VLF fields has been observed with respect to aerosol banks that have dropped in elevation closer to ground level.

It is of value to become familiar with the HAARP Executive Summary that is referenced on this page, as well as the following additional reference that has been previously provided:

From the Weapons of Total Destruction web site referring to the HAARP Executive Summary Paper”

“The military’s own Executive Summary of the HAARP program clearly states their reliance on ELF waves. Instead of transmitting these waves from ground based transmitters, HAARP created these waves through the use of “pulse” transmissions of their HF energy beams. Or, to put it another way, HAARP duplicated the ELF signals by turning their signal on and off at rates (30 to 3000 cycles per second) within the ELF range. The result was that ELF radiation could be directed to a specific area on the surface of the planet, at will.” 

Clifford E Carnicom
Apr 13 2003