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Mar 20 2001

The following statement has been received anonymously on Mar 20 2001 and is posted on behalf of the sender:



** Is it possible that years of [well-documented] experimentation involving chemical releases and discharge of microwave energy, etc. into earth’s ionosphere and magnetosphere may have caused significant disruption to the stratosphere, including the ozone layer, and possibly disruption of atmospheric chemistry and circulation? Is it possible that an “initial disruption” of sorts may have occurred decades ago?

** Is it possible, that the advent of and steady increase in subsonic and supersonic aviation have likewise probably caused significant disruption of stratospheric and tropospheric chemistry and circulation, including negative impact on the stratospheric ozone layer, and have also probably caused significant disruption of sensitive seasonal processes at the tropospheric boundary layer?

** Is it possible that breakdown products of nuclear waste are being disposed of via satellite into the near-earth space environment?

** Is it possible that the jetstream has been/is being tampered with, directly or indirectly?

** Is it possible that if, in fact, profound disruption of earth’s systems, particularly atmospheric, has occurred, this would be known to the parties involved and that some sort of cover-up might then be in order, from their point of view? Is it possible that the much-publicized ongoing “debate” over “global warming” may be just such a cover-up? Is it possible that the facts of very real and progressive damage to all of our eco-systems from various forms of surface and atmospheric pollution are being buried under the larger issue [sic] of a bogus “debate” re: “global warming”? Is it possible that the parties most directly invested in this “debate” are stalling for time in order that they might more advantageously position themselves for dealing with the economic ramifications of taking responsibility for their minimally-controlled pollution of this planet?

** Is it possible that the militarization of the near-earth space environment is going to have an effect on conditions in earth’s atmosphere and possibly at the surface? Is it possible that the “Missile Defense System” as it has been “presented” to the public for the last 15 years is not, in fact, what is actually being developed for ultimate implementation? Is it possible that what is actually intended for deployment is a modular, land- and space-based communications and weapons system? Is it possible that this multi-faceted system involves, in no insignificant part, the application of specific directed-energy concepts as originally developed by Nikola Tesla, and kinetic energy concepts as well? Is it possible that specific atmospheric “modifications” may be required to accommodate certain components [advanced radar and communications] of such a system? Is it possible that certain components of this system are not only being tested, but are already being deployed, in “modular” fashion?

** Re: the much-discussed “biological” aspect of this issue – Is it possible that DARPA [and the US Army in particular], in conjunction with several academic institutions, private research facilities and private industry, is overseeing an extensive R&D program involving development of methods for detection of bio/chem agents in the global environment? Is it possible that this program involves many sub-programs which are conducted in the atmosphere [aerosols] and on the ground and in the water? Is it possible that “detection”, ideally and ultimately space-based, of not only bio/chem agents, but global pollution, radiation leaks, etc. is a primary R&D focus generally?

Now for the trails themselves. Is it possible:

** that the now relatively continuous presence of these persistent trails and/or the resultant persistent, bizarre cloud cover has definitely influenced weather patterns and even the climatic reality of the areas over which these “conditions” are observed?

** that the reduction in unoccluded sunlight resulting from the above-referenced persistent cloud cover is negatively affecting people’s general physical health and their mental and emotional states?

** that a component of this persistent “trails dispersion” may be in conjunction with studies involving refinement of advanced radar and communications concepts in preparation for deployment of a land- and space-based weapons system?

** that ongoing upper-atmospheric dispersion of a Telleresque particulate “shield” may, in fact, be a reality, albeit perhaps a “regional” situation?

** that there is especially continuous presence of cloud “cover” along the US borders, particularly coastal?

** that atmospheric moisture is now routinely being steered around and either enhanced or suppressed as “desired conditions” dictate, and that this may be the reason for drought in some areas and flooding in others?

** that one possible “biological” effect of relatively continuous cloud “cover” would be the eventual undermining of previously healthy immune systems due to significant reduction in the amount of full-spectrum sunlight necessary to maintain same?

** that if it were specifically and exclusively a radical change in jet fuel composition, or simply an increase in commercial air traffic, that are causing the graphic transformation of our skies, there would be an open public announcement to this effect? Repeat: an open public announcement?

10 March 2001

Posted on behalf of the sender by C.E. Carnicom with permission of the author.
Mar 20 2001