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Clifford E Carnicom
Oct 25 2003

Careful measurements and extensive statistical analysis have been conducted for 110 days in an effort to determine if anomalous variations in time exist. These variations, if they are demonstrated to exist, translate directly into anomalous variations in the rotational rate of the earth. This project is ongoing and requires extensive data to evaluate any hypotheses that are currently under examination. A limitation on the quality of timepieces available inhibits a more direct and ready interpretation of the data under collection. Atomic time systems of the highest order, if available, would facilitate the process. Independence from claimed authoritative sources of data is now also required.

This report remains of a preliminary nature. Eight quartz clocks currently comprise the timekeeping system, and additional clocks will continue to be incorporated into the measurement system. Two to three months of additional data beyond that which has been collected will likely determine if the project remains warranted.

This paper is to provide notice that all data collected thus far during the last four months continues to support the existence of anomalous time variations, and subsequently, anomalous earth rotational changes. Efforts are now directed towards the detection of an acceleration component (actually, a deceleration). All data collected thus far continues to support the hypothesis of the existence of the slowing of the rate of rotation of the earth.

The act of data collection and analysis requires patience. Extensive data is required for the proper analysis of the problem. Although this report remains preliminary, a bias of an acceleration (deceleration) is under analysis at this time.

Small changes in time will translate to large changes in the kinetic energy of the earth. One second of time change per year corresponds roughly to the energy contained within all of the fossil fuels of the earth. Data under collection and analysis indicates that a significant multiple of the historical level of approximately one second per year may now be occurring. This indicates the prospect of significant energy and subsequent geophysical changes occurring in future times.

Readers may also wish to be aware of the anomalous time measurements over this same period as recorded in the earlier articles, Time, Time To Start Watching Time and Time, Energy and Earth Changes, and The Waistline of Rotation.