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Unusual Maneuvers and a Progression Series Santa Fe

Sequenced Photo of Contrails : Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tuesday, March 2, 1999

Southeastern Sky : Approx. 0900 to 0930

Photographed by Clifford E Carnicom :

copyright 1999 by Clifford E Carnicom

Set 1 : 0900 – 0930 Southeast Sky


This set is especially interesting as it shows the course of an associate on a North-South pass that joined in with current paths being lain from west to east. Unusual course deviations have been noticed several times during the activity on Feb 28 and Mar 2.

contrails 5a contrails 5b

Set 2 : 0900 – 0930 Southeast Sky

This set demonstrates the repeat activity occurring on March 2 1999 which has generally been less successful in creating a lingering cloud layer.

contrails 6a contrails 6b

Set 3 : 1130 – 1200 Southeast Sky

Repeated activity, restricted to the SE sky, through mid-day which has been generally unsuccessful in creating a continuous or lingering cloud layer. Activity of this nature in the past generally has led to a cirrus or cirro-stratus layer within an hour or two of the flights. It has also been observed that contrail activity does not usually take place on days with higher winds, e.g, winds greater than approximately 20 knots at ground level.

contrails 7a contrails 7b